CNN Contributor Criticizes Biden Aide’s Argument During Live Broadcast

Currently, the Democratic Party appears to be in a state of turmoil as they grapple with maintaining the impression that Joe Biden is capable of leading our nation. Even CNN, a network often accused of having a liberal bias, is starting to question their own pundits who are staunchly defending Biden’s perceived cognitive decline.

In a recent episode of CNN This Morning, Jonah Goldberg, visibly irate, challenged former Biden aide Kate Bedingfield on her seemingly baseless assertions that Biden remains the most suitable candidate for the presidency.

Bedingfield tried to argue that Biden is rallying the base of the party and will be able to turn out voters. But Goldberg wasn’t having it. He called her out for gaslighting on a Trumpian level and pointed out the fact that Biden has been a part of the Washington D.C. political elite for over 50 years. Yet, now he wants us to believe that he’s somehow the outsider standing up against the elites? It’s ridiculous.

Bedingfield then made an audacious claim that Biden has been disparaged by the elites, citing an instance from 2019 when he was told he could never be the nominee. However, as Goldberg astutely pointed out, those criticisms were coming from other candidates running against him, making this just another hollow talking point from the Democrats attempting to portray Biden as an underdog battling the system.

The debate heated up when Bedingfield suggested that Biden bears a grudge about how Washington intellectuals perceive him. Goldberg retorted sharply, asserting that the past few years under President Trump are irrelevant. He questioned why we should focus on the past when we have a potential president who struggles to articulate coherent thoughts. With the future of our nation hanging in the balance, pretending that Biden is still mentally fit to lead us is a misguided and perilous mindset.

But Bedingfield continued with her scripted talking points, claiming that Biden has gotten more done in a bipartisan way than anyone thought possible, including meaningful gun legislation and an infrastructure bill. Sorry, but Joe Biden has been in politics for over 50 years and has not accomplished anything noteworthy. And even if he had, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he can barely keep his thoughts straight or remember basic facts.

Goldberg’s analogy comparing Biden’s health to a heart attack hit home. If Biden had suffered a heart attack, we wouldn’t be discussing his past achievements. We would be rightly worried about whether he is physically capable of leading for the next four months, let alone the next four and a half years. However, Bedingfield dismissed Goldberg’s concerns with a patronizing smile and insisted that Biden could serve for four and a half more years.


As Goldberg pointed out, this idea seems far-fetched. Only someone disconnected from reality could believe that a man struggling to maintain coherent thoughts can lead our country for another four and a half years. It appears to be another desperate attempt by Democrats to hold onto power at any cost.

As the segment concluded, host Kasie Hunt acknowledged that this discussion is one that is happening at dinner tables across the country. And she’s right. Americans are becoming aware that Joe Biden may not be mentally fit to lead our nation. It’s high time for Democrats to stop trying to manipulate public perception and face the reality – they might need a new candidate if they wish to secure the presidency.

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  • I am sick and tired of hearing these idiots call our nation a democracy! The US is NOT a democracy, it is a constitutional republic. People (left or right) who call it a democracy obviously do NOT understand the Constitution, and likely have never even read it! Bidunce has finished this nation off, and even if Trump is elected, there it is doubtful that he can turn its demise around. Trump’s failure, during his first term, to charge and prosecute the Oh0m0s and Clintons for their crimes, is part of the problem; and it is doubtful that he will do it with them and the Bidungs, Piglosi, and the rest of the liars if he is reelected. Nor will he round up and deport the 10 million illegals who have entered during Bidung’s rein, or the previous 20 million illegals. There is also no way he will be able to stop the decline of the dollar, or get rid of the Federal Reserve — and it is because “The People” will NOT help him, just as they did NOTHING to help him in the past — Trump has been fighting the left all alone since he was first elected. It is time for “Patriots” to take up arms and physically remove ALL of the criminals out of positions of authority across this nation (as the Constitution says)! Our guns and lives are worthless unless we are willing to risk death to stop all of this tyranny NOW! I am not optimistic about our future!

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