Evidence Suggests Biden Administration Supports Gender Reassignment Procedures for Minors

The Biden Administration’s Stance on Sex-Change Procedures for Minors: A Closer Look

The Biden administration has been attracting a significant amount of attention and criticism for its stance on the highly contentious issue of sex-change procedures for minors. Despite their public denial of supporting such procedures, their actions suggest a different narrative. The administration has been vocal in opposing state bans on these irreversible medical interventions and has maintained a close relationship with WPATH, an influential organization advocating transgender medicine.

In a recent statement to The New York Times, the administration purportedly reversed its position on sex-change surgeries for minors. However, their activities tell a different story. They have been staunch supporters of legal challenges to laws designed to protect children from these procedures, including in states like Tennessee and Arkansas. Moreover, they have enacted policies that encourage transgender ideology in schools, potentially putting children at risk.

A recent investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation revealed alarming footage from behind the scenes of WPATH. In these videos, top doctors within the organization expressed concerns about the risks and complications associated with sex-change procedures for minors. Despite this, WPATH has continued to push for these procedures and even worked to remove age restrictions for them.

Court documents unsealed in a recent case also shed light on the involvement of Assistant Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services Rachel Levine. These documents show that Levine pressured WPATH to align their guidelines with the Biden administration’s political goals, potentially compromising the organization’s commitment to evidence-based medicine.

In its 2021 draft guidelines, WPATH initially set age restrictions for various transgender procedures, such as hormone therapy and surgeries. However, internal communications reveal Levine’s push for the organization to remove these age restrictions in favor of political goals. And WPATH members expressed concerns that these actions may lead to damaging legislation against transgender care.

The Biden administration has also touted its involvement in court cases that oppose bans on transgender procedures for minors. In a March 2023 press release, the White House proudly stated its intervention in these cases, claiming to protect the rights of transgender youth and their families. However, critics argue that this intervention only serves to further the administration’s agenda and ignore the concerns and risks associated with these procedures.

Despite its attempts to deny support for sex-change surgeries for minors, the Biden administration’s actions suggest otherwise. Their collaboration with WPATH and support for legal challenges to state bans on these procedures demonstrate a clear agenda, rather than a commitment to protecting the well-being of minors.

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