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Joy Reid Defends SICK Book in Schools, Gets Destroyed By Guest [Video]

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has been widely criticized for her recent interview with Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice, in which she defended the presence of lewd books in public school libraries. Reid, who is known for her liberal activism and malapropisms, made the mistake of challenging Justice on her stance about banning books containing graphic sexual content such as “All Boys Aren’t Blue.”

The interview began with Reid playing a clip of Justice discussing parental rights and directing the upbringing of children. When asked if LGBTQ parents have parental rights, Justice responded that every parent has the fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children. This caught Reid off guard and she quickly moved on to her next point.

Reid then brought up statistics about book challenges and tried to argue that only a few individuals were responsible for the majority of challenges nationwide. Justice countered by stating that this was because those individuals had seen the explicit and graphic sexual content in the books and were concerned for their children’s well-being. She also pointed out the hypocrisy of protesting banning books while not protesting for “freeing the internet” in schools.

Next, Reid tried to deflect the conversation to focus on classics like “Beloved” and “Slaughterhouse Five” being banned, rather than the controversial books in question. Justice argued that these complaints were made by local chapters and not the national organization, and that they were only attempting to have inappropriate content removed from public school libraries.

The climax of the interview came when Justice asked Reid, “in what context is a strap-on dildo acceptable for public school?” She went on to point out the explicit sexual content in the books and questioned why this was appropriate for children to have access to in a public school setting. Reid’s attempt to paint Justice as uninformed fell flat when Justice correctly named the main character in “All Boys Aren’t Blue.”

The full interview, which is available for viewing, shows Reid grasping at straws and trying to defend the presence of sexually explicit content in public school libraries. Justice’s clear and direct responses left Reid struggling to defend her stance, and in the end, she was forced to defend the presence of pornographic material in schools.

While cable news debates often devolve into talking past each other, this one was a rare instance where one participant was caught off guard and forced to defend an indefensible stance. Reid’s use of language and buzzwords like “book bans” were an attempt to paint Moms for Liberty as opposed to the rights of liberal parents. However, Justice’s strong arguments and knowledge of the content in question left Reid with few options but to tiptoe around the issue.


Overall, Joy Reid’s interview with Tiffany Justice was a clear example of how not to conduct an interview. Her lack of preparation and attempts to steer the conversation in her favor backfired in a major way, leaving her with little ground to stand on. In the end, Justice’s expertise and ability to defend her stance left Reid and MSNBC looking foolish and out of touch with reality.

Tell me you didn’t enjoy that—I DID!

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  • The name and person referred to as Joy Reed is lewd, obnoxious, lascivious, divisive, and a Hater of Whites. She like her role model Obama hate’s Americans, Christians and probably Jews. She is immoral and unfiltered. In my opinion: Obama’s Islamic bent to destroy Whites and America brought these people out of the wood work. Joy hit TV in 2011, and ask yourself when Obama became president. She became a regular in 2014 just in time for Trump or any other Republican to become president. Joy needs to repent, find a relationship with Christ and kiss the ground she was born on

  • Those books should not be in a library for children. It’s too bad Tiffany didn’t make the point to that obnoxious, interrupting biotch, that if a parent wanted to let their kid read that book, they could just go out and purchase it at a book store.

    There have been parents that bring these books to school board meetings and read some passages out loud to the school board members only to be told that material is not appropriate to be read at the meeting. Oh, but it’s okay to be read to the children????

  • Joy is appropriating the white culture by that hair do she has. The East Hollywood streetwalker look just doesn’t make it.

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