Psaki Responds to Subpoena – Anticipates Significant Afghanistan Testimony

Former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, is finally set to answer questions regarding her role in the catastrophic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. After months of negotiations, Psaki has consented to an interview with the House Foreign Affairs Committee, but only after being faced with a potential subpoena.

Chairman of the committee, Representative Michael McCaul, has been attempting to secure answers from Psaki since September but has been met with resistance. However, as the committee plans to release its report on the events leading up to the disorderly withdrawal before the 2022 elections, Psaki has at last agreed to be interviewed.

McCaul’s main aim is to reconcile the differences between what Psaki communicated to the American public, as the representative voice of the Biden administration, and what transpired behind closed doors as Afghanistan descended into chaos. The tragic loss of 13 American service members in a terrorist attack underscored the disarray and incompetence of the withdrawal.

In June, McCaul wrote to Psaki’s lawyers, stating that she had already shared her insights on the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan for personal gain, and that her duty to appear before Congress was clear. He warned that he would subpoena her if necessary…

Despite initial objections from the White House counsel’s office citing executive branch confidentiality concerns, they have now surprisingly agreed to let Psaki participate in a voluntary transcribed interview. She’ll be accompanied by personal counsel and representatives from the White House counsel’s office. This move is seen as an “extraordinary accommodation,” potentially aimed at dampening the escalating criticism of the administration’s handling of the withdrawal with the 2022 elections on the horizon.

The preliminary report released by the committee prior to the elections was harsh in its censure of the Biden administration’s actions. It noted that crucial actions were delayed leading up to the withdrawal, resulting in a tumultuous Non-combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) where 13 American service members lost their lives and hundreds of Americans were left stranded behind enemy lines.

The report also pointed out inconsistencies between the administration’s public statements and the reality in Afghanistan. It alleged that the Biden administration repeatedly misled the American people about the situation, ignoring warnings about the Taliban’s resurgence and disregarding advice from their own military advisors and allies.

Moreover, the report claimed that minimal effort was made to evacuate Afghan partners who had risked their lives fighting alongside American forces, further emphasizing the insensitivity and incompetence of the administration in managing the withdrawal.

As a result, Psaki is now being held accountable for her actions as former White House press secretary. The House Foreign Affairs Committee is seeking answers, and it’s high time that the American people learned the truth about this disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Both Psaki and the Biden administration must face repercussions for their missteps and deception.

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