Veterinarian Responds to Controversial Photo of RFK Jr. with Barbecued Animal Remains

Controversial Photo of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sparks Debate

A newly discovered photograph of independent presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has recently ignited a flurry of controversy. The image displays Kennedy alongside a barbecued and splayed animal carcass. A closer look at the picture by a veterinarian led to an unsettling discovery that has added an unexpected twist to the narrative.

Kennedy reportedly texted the photo to a friend traveling to Asia, suggesting they try out a restaurant in Korea known for serving dog meat. The metadata embedded within the original photograph indicates that it was taken in 2010 – coincidentally, the same year Kennedy was diagnosed with a parasitic worm in his brain.

In the photo, Kennedy is seen standing next to a woman, both of them holding the animal carcass as if ready to consume it. However, it is difficult to identify the roasted animal, and it wasn’t until a veterinarian examined the photo that a potentially shocking revelation came to light. The expert determined that the animal in question had 13 pairs of ribs, including the “floating ribs” characteristic of a dog carcass.

Democrats were quick to use this information for their own benefit. Matt Corridoni, spokesperson for the National Democratic Committee, shared the photo on social media accusing Kennedy of “happily posing with a barbecued dog.” This accusation sparked widespread outrage and condemnation towards Kennedy from numerous members within the party.

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While Kennedy has confirmed the authenticity of the photo, he disputes the details presented in the Vanity Fair article which brought it to public attention. He clarified that the picture was taken in South America and that the animal in question is not a dog as reported, but rather a goat he had consumed during a whitewater trip on the Futaleufu River many years ago.

In a recent episode of the “Breaking Points” podcast, Kennedy addressed these accusations, referring to the article as “a lot of garbage.” He reiterated that the animal in the photo is not a dog, but rather a goat, and that the expert cited in the report who identified it as a dog was simply mistaken. Kennedy firmly denies ever consuming dog meat or participating in any such practice.

While the thought of eating dog meat is repulsive to many in the Western world, it is not uncommon in certain cultures, particularly in countries like China, Korea, and Japan. Rising meat prices have also led to the inclusion of dog meat on some restaurant menus. However, for most Americans, the idea of consuming “man’s best friend” is shocking and upsetting.

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The photograph featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. holding a barbecued animal carcass has certainly stirred up emotions and sparked heated debates. While initial reports suggested that he was posing with a roasted dog, Kennedy has fervently denied these claims, insisting it was a goat. This situation highlights the cultural differences and societal norms surrounding the consumption of various types of meat across different regions of the world. As the presidential race intensifies, it will be interesting to see how this revelation impacts Kennedy’s campaign and overall reputation.

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