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Watch: Pelosi Loses It as Protesters Storm Her Property: ‘Go Back to China’

Nancy Pelosi is learning the harsh reality of dealing with the far-left as a video circulated on social media showing her arguing with a group of anti-Israel protesters outside her San Francisco home. In the clip, the former speaker of the House can be seen telling the protesters to “go back to China” and accused them of being connected to Russian financing.

This confrontation took place amid hundreds of demonstrations across the US demanding a cease-fire in Gaza. However, instead of addressing the issue at hand, Pelosi chose to attack the protesters and insinuate that they were puppets of Russia. In an interview with CNN, she suggested the FBI should investigate those calling for a cease-fire in Israel for their potential links to Russia.

It is alarming for a high-ranking politician like Pelosi to dismiss legitimate concerns and calls for action as Russian propaganda. This not only undermines the voices of those protesting but also detracts from the real issue at hand – the ongoing violence in Gaza and the urgent need for a cease-fire.

Pelosi’s statements also demonstrate the deep divisions within the Democratic Party when it comes to policy in the Middle East. A recent report from Politico revealed that Joe Biden’s campaign manager traveled to Michigan to try and gain support from disaffected Muslim communities who were outraged by his support for Israel.

However, many of those invited to these meetings rejected the offer, including state Rep. Alabas Farhat, a Democrat representing a heavily Islamic area in Dearborn. Farhat stated that her community is hurting and that now is not the time for political conversations but a cease-fire.


Pelosi’s actions and words showcase her out-of-touch attitude towards the current situation. While protesters are advocating for a peaceful resolution and an end to the violence, she chooses to demonize and dismiss them. Her refusal to address the issue in a meaningful way and instead redirect the conversation towards baseless claims of Russian influence is a betrayal to her constituents and the American public.

It is concerning that Pelosi, a supposed leader in the Democratic Party, would resort to divisive tactics and propaganda, instead of listening to the demands of her people. This incident highlights the growing disconnect between politicians and the reality of everyday Americans.

Pelosi’s outburst towards the protesters outside her home is a testament to her lack of understanding just what she and her Democrat buddies have created.  By cultivating anti-free world voters, she 100% created this nightmare for herself.

I Say good.

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  • but nancy, you old drunken hag, it was your buddy joe that wanted them to come. did you have a change of heart when they came to your castle?
    all i can say is, that it looks good on you.

  • They are CONNECTED TO HER FINANCING, not China, Not Russia, these are ANTIFA, BLM KKKers who arr on the DC payroll. Does anyone in their wildest Loaded moments believe that Pelosi would confront a mob without Secret service and Capital Police? Seriously now
    Pelosi is a communist so in that regard perhaps she is right because shes using their money and ours to support and pay for these rioters

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