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Dem Rep Kicked A Hornets Defending Mayorkas: Impeachment Shouldn’t be Used ‘for Revenge’

Everyone has come to expect a lack of self-awareness from hard-core leftists, but it has reached new levels with statements made this week by Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee. She said impeachment is not for revenge, but rather for treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Recently, the House GOP forward with an impeachment inquiry against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Democrats have accused the Republicans of callousness regarding aggressive border policies and spending to secure the border. However, the GOP has continued undaunted with their impeachment inquiries against Mayorkas.

On Tuesday the House Homeland Security Committee met to advance two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas. A vote is expected at a later date to move the articles for a House vote in the future. Jackson Lee sits on the committee and shared a video of her comments during the impeachment hearings.

In the video she says that revenge is the reason they are there instead of “Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is an individual whose family fled the Nazis and then Cuba before arriving here in the U.S.” she continued by reminding her colleagues that he is the first immigrant to serve as head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Republican Aaron Ray Hermes, who is running for the GOP nomination to challenge Jackson Lee in Texas’ 18th Congressional District, retweeted her and commented on her character. He also asked why she impeached Trump for a perfectly valid phone call in 2019.

It seems that Democrats don’t care about impeachment being used for revenge or not when it involves their own people. Democrats implied that former President Bill Clinton was unjustly targeted for lying under oath about having an affair with a White House intern. Democrats also claim President Joe Biden is innocent of helping his son.

Still, Mayorkas’ impeachment is fueled by some unspecific Republican revenge. When it came to former President Donald Trump, who was twice impeached for offenses, he did not commit. Democrats claimed they wanted to preserve democracy against the threat of a tyrant like Trump.

Representative Jackson Lee’s hypocrisy is appalling. Before denying that Democrats used impeachment as revenge against Trump, Jackson Lee says impeachment should not be used as a tool for revenge. It is apparent that the motivation behind the Democratic push to persecute Trump is revenge for him winning the 2016 election. It would be hard for anyone to deny that Trump’s impeachments were motivated almost entirely by revenge.

The Democratic statement regarding preserving democracy never held weight, and it still doesn’t. Democrats abused their power for their revenge. This shows a lack of self-awareness on Jackson Lee’s part. It’s almost unprecedented.


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  • This is not revenge. It is justifiable prosecution for one destroying our nation for permitting illegal criminals to invade our nation, One million and counting, The destruction, crimes and costs are causing mayhem in our country.. Why should Americans be subjected to the criminal activities of these illegal invaders and forced to pay for their daily crimes.

  • shelia lee thought astronauts in the Apollo (MOON) program planted a flag on Mars!

    Revenge?? Send the next several bus loads of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, not migrants but ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, to shelia’s residence. Drop them off in right in front of her house.

  • Shiela is just another America-hating politician who supports criminal activity of the government. We must remove her, Mayorcas, Biden and a whole slew of politicians in Washington, D.C.

  • Mayorcas is not being impeached for revenge. He is being impeached for incompetence and failure to protect our country. Maybe we should not allow immigrants to hold high office in our government.

  • While I believe Mayor’s should be fired this is misguided impeachment. Biden is the one that should be admonished. Mayorcas works for Biden who calls the shots. He is just a soldier in Biden’s army of incompetents.

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