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Armed Intruder Thought He Could Take 82-Year-Old Vet- Think Again!

In a terrifying turn of events, an 82-year-old Vietnam veteran found himself facing an armed intruder in his own home. However, instead of becoming a victim, the elderly man put up a courageous fight and managed to beat the robber to death, saving both his own life and his wife’s. The shocking incident took place in the Parrish’s home in South Carolina, and neighbors were stunned by the sudden violence in their usually peaceful community.

According to Lois Parrish, she opened the door to a man claiming to be looking for his lost dog. “I told him no, I hadn’t,” she recalls. But this was just the beginning, as the disguised robber forced his way into the Parrish home and attacked Lois with a knife, leaving a deep gash on her forehead. It was at this point that her husband, Herbert, decided it was time to defend his family and his home from the armed intruder.

Fueled by the determination to protect his wife, Herbert grabbed a shotgun hanging on the wall and repeatedly struck the intruder, later identified as 61-year-old Harold Runnels. “I felt, we’re gone. He’s going to kill us and take what he can take,” Herbert recounted. His quick thinking and bravery paid off as he managed to incapacitate Runnels, who was found unconscious on the floor by authorities.

Runnels was pronounced dead as a result of his injuries. However, in the face of such violence, many believe that he got what he deserved. Neighbors, such as Jessica Clark, who had always known the Parrish couple to be kind and peaceful, were proud of their ability to defend themselves. “OK, so that guy picked the wrong house,” Clark commented.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office also seemed to agree that the Parrish couple acted within their rights to defend themselves. “Folks have the right to defend themselves if their lives are in danger,” stated Capt. Eric Abdullah. He reminded people that while the best thing to do is call for help, in certain situations, it may not be possible. Asserting that each situation is different, Abdullah emphasized the importance of thinking quickly and acting smartly.

For Herbert Parrish, calling for help was not an option when he saw his wife facing a potentially life-threatening attack. In that moment, he made a split-second decision to fight back and protect his family, and it paid off. The fact that an elderly couple was able to fend off a much younger, armed intruder is nothing short of miraculous. It is a reminder that in dangerous situations, one must do whatever is necessary to survive.

While an intruder lost his life, an innocent couple is alive and well. The Parrishes’ unwavering courage and determination to protect themselves saved their lives, and that is something to be celebrated.

As Capt. Abdullah puts it, “The best recourse is to think smartly and get help on the way.” The Parrish couple did just that, and they are a shining example of how bravery and quick thinking can make all the difference in a dangerous situation.

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  • Amen and CONGRATS Veteran ^5 Thats the way to Protect yourself after years of protecting us. We are selfish you are not ^5

  • The criminal intruder got what he deserved!! More of this type of action must take place to stop these criminals from having their way!!!

    • GOD, was on his side, because he is a Great America Patriot, who served in VietNam, for our FREEDOM AND SAFETY OF ALL AMERICAN.


  • Moe communities should do what Kennesaw GA did and make it a Town Ordance that every home has a gun. Makes people thing twice about a break in when they face a possible gun.

    • BULLSCHIT! Government has no more constitutional authority to mandate owning a gun then to ban them. It is tha person’s right to make their own decisions. There are some people who should NEVER own a gun because they aren’t bright enough to know how to use it. I have neighbors that I would NEVER trust around a gun, even an unloaded one.

  • Hoorah to this fine ex-soldier and hero of an American man! Not only for saving his wife but saving the taxpayer’s another burden with a scum and possible killer. And had the veteran attempted to call 911 for help he would possibly not only lost his wife but himself in that time. Besides, call times on 911 are so lagging now. I have called 911 more than once in past and on occasion had to wait more than 2 to 5 minutes to get through!

  • Must not have been a damocrap DA around or he probably would have been charged for defending he and his wife.

  • Yo Herb. – Welcome home brother. (I’m class of ’68) – You are typical of “US” 180 degrees out of phase with the Wokies. When those of our ilk say ‘cancel it has a whole different meaning then it means to the kiddies.

    Don’t screw with old combat veterans. – We would just as soon kill you as look at you.

  • Thumbs up for this brave old dude but just a tinch of advice for him: Next time just use your trigger finger. You’re too old to go at it using a shotgun as a club. It has far better uses.

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