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Biden Glitches Out And Finally Admits There’s A PROBLEM: ‘I’m Embarrassed’

After his latest embarrassing gaffe during a news conference in Woodside, California, President Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear that he’s having serious mental difficulties. The miscue, which involved his calls to reporters, was made all the more shameful by the fact that he had a set of cue cards prepared for him that made it exceedingly clear who he was supposed to call on.

“I’m embarrassed,” Biden said, looking down at his cards. “I think it’s CBS, but I can’t remember who at CBS.”

“And I’m sorry,” he noted.

Not only does this kind of incident point towards serious questions about Biden’s cognitive state, but it also calls into question his handlers. Why are they going to the trouble of providing him with all of this mental assistance, if it’s so ineffective?

The cards even spell out the reporter’s name phonetically so that Biden can pronounce it correctly! According to the White House transcript, the reporter in question was Weijia Jiang of CBS News. Yet even his handlers can’t save him from humiliation.

It’s also difficult to ignore the fact that such incidents provide a form of vote of no-confidence in Biden as a leader. When a President can’t remember the name of the reporter he’s going to call on, it instantly takes wind out of their sails. How are they meant to be taken seriously, if they need cue cards for the basics?

Speaking of basics, other news conferences have seen the presenters being provided with pictures of the reporters, so that Biden can call on them correctly. But even this hasn’t seemed to help! Take a news conference from a month ago, where the reporter’s name and image were provided. Even then, Biden fluffed the lines and called her “Courtney, Los Angeles Times”.

After looking at all of this, it’s difficult to not see a trend emerging. From failing to remember simple names, to using cue cards, one can clearly see a cognitive decline in the President’s thought processes.

The only full deck Joe Biden has, it would seem, is his cue cards – which literally prompt him to ask his questions correctly. But even this doesn’t seem to be enough.


No one is expecting denominational memory or astounding babies from the President, of course. But one would at least hope that the leader of the United States of America could remember basic facts and call on reporters without the help of pictures and cue cards.

But when even this fails, one is forced to wonder. Is Joe Biden even able to be taken seriously? Not only as a leader of a great nation, but as a leader of the free world?

It’s almost heartbreaking to watch as the President of the United States stumbles over the simplest of tasks. But until Biden can improve his cognitive performance, or until his handlers are able to get him the assistance he needs, it’s not likely that this will improve. And it’s a shame for all.

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