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Biden Promised His Hamas Buddies $100M, Just ONE Problem…

Biden is yet again making empty promises as he travels to the Middle East, this time to pledge $100 million to Hamas in the name of peace. It’s absurd to think this will make a difference, as he hasn’t even asked Congress for the funds yet. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives is in disarray, failing to pick a speaker due to the ongoing debates over excessive spending.

Biden’s trip to Israel is nothing more than a useless PR stunt, while innocent civilians continue to suffer at the hands of terrorism. As he arrives in Tel Aviv, Arabs are outraged over the recent death toll of 500 civilians in a hospital.

However, it’s been revealed that this tragedy was not caused by Israeli bombs, but rather a Palestinian rocket that landed in a parking lot. If any deaths occurred, it was only a handful, not even close to the originally reported number.

Biden’s reckless spending seems to know no bounds, as he plans to request $100 billion from Congress, with a small fraction of it being allocated to Palestine. He believes he can tie Ukraine and Israel together to push this proposal through, but it’s unlikely that Congress will approve it. Not to mention, Biden casually refers to the terrorists as “the other team,” not acknowledging the atrocities they commit.

It’s laughable that Biden expects the Hamas terrorists, who blatantly attacked innocent civilians, to use the promised funds for anything other than their own selfish agenda. If they dare to divert or steal a single cent, it will only prove further that their concern lies solely in their own well-being, and it will end in failure.

The funds given to Palestine should only be used for essential necessities such as food and medical supplies. The idea of giving such a large sum of money to known terrorists is despicable, and goes counter to any efforts for peace. Biden’s naivety and incompetence in handling the situation only further proves that he is not fit to make such reckless decisions. The only outcome of his actions is aiding and abetting terrorism, and endangering the lives of innocent civilians in the process.

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    • The House controls the purse strings, not Biden. I say to the house members DO NOT support a terrorist organization who has continued to kill anyone who opposes them. In fact you can include Biden as a Terrorist supporter and impeach him out of office.!!!

  • This arrogant incompetent POS will not even go to our southern border where the problem really plagues our country. This man is a total embarrassment to our country. His equally disgusting wife should be ashamed and should have pulled the plug on this display of mental decline. The only Doctor degree she’s earned is a doctorate in dumb Azz

  • this inept, incompetent “leader” has got to go, I DON’T WANT HIM ANYMORE (I DID NOT vote for him, NO FREAKING WAY)…time to use the 25th Amendment, he is NOT FIT TO SERVE as president or any leader for that matter

  • Doesn’t Congress control the nation’s purse strings? Legally he can’t give away anything without Congress being on board. And what does he think we would get for our money?

  • pick the one with the highest number of votes for speaker, to hell with protocol, it doesn’t work. as too the 100 million for terrorists, get biden gone as of yesterday. he knows nothing good will come out of it. except maybe to buy more weapons from iran, or whoever, to start another war, or to keep this one going.islam has no plans for any kind of peace with anyone, just unrelenting jihad.

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