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Caught On Camera: Quick Thinking Grandma Rescues Family From Ruthless Thugs!!!

A terrifying incident in Jackson, Mississippi was captured on video last week, showing the unsettling moment a family was carjacked at gunpoint in their own driveway. The footage, recorded by a Ring doorbell camera, shows a woman named Heather Allen and her family saying their goodbyes in their driveway. Little did they know, two armed thieves were approaching their vehicle, ready to strike.

In the video, Allen is seen outside of the family vehicle with one of her sons when the perpetrators, both black males, come into view. One of them opens the driver’s door and pulls out Allen’s adult daughter, while the other points a gun at Allen’s other son. Shots are fired as Allen and her son quickly duck for cover.

As the men demand the car keys, Allen manages to grab her grandchildren from the back seat. Her daughter cries out that her babies are still in the car, but fortunately, no one is injured in the chaotic scene.

Despite their failed attempt to steal the vehicle, the perpetrators are still on the loose. However, Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade has reassured the public that they know who the suspects are and are actively working towards their arrest. In the meantime, the brave grandmother and her family are left dealing with the trauma of the incident.

The stolen vehicle was found less than an hour after the carjacking, only a few blocks away from the family’s home. According to Wade, it has been impounded but will soon be released back to Allen. However, she has no intentions of staying in Jackson any longer and plans to move out of the city as soon as possible.

In an emotional interview with WAPT, Allen expressed her deep fear and trauma, stating that she and her family can no longer stay in the city because of what they experienced. She shared that she has not been able to sleep and her son’s anxiety is through the roof.


Cpt. Wade also commented on the terrifying incident, expressing his concern and sympathy for the family. He reiterated that any threat to them is a threat to the whole community and assured that they are doing everything in their power to apprehend the perpetrators.

The footage of this brazen crime has left the community shaken and questioning their safety in a city known for its high crime rate. As the search for the suspects continues, the fear and trauma remain for one family who just wanted to say their goodbyes in peace. This disturbing event serves as a sobering reminder for everyone to always be vigilant and stay safe.

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