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Check Out ‘Doctor’ Jill Biden’s Embarrassing Interview

It seems that the mainstream media has been propping up the Biden administration since Day One. CNN is one of the worst offenders when it comes to propagating Democrat Party propaganda. This was made especially obvious with their recent interview with First Lady Jill Biden.

The interview was conducted by Arlette Saenz, and it was embarrassingly servile. Saenz seemed to be practically drooling over Biden and none of the questions were at all challenging. It was obvious that Saenz was auditioning for a job in the Biden regime rather than doing her job as a journalist.

Some of the questions were so dumb that even Biden had to laugh. For instance, Saenz asked if Biden was able to keep track of her husband on his secret trip to Ukraine, and then followed up by asking if he was texting her on the train. Biden laughed and replied, “no, he wasn’t texting me on the train.”

Saenz then enquired about how many times Joe and Jill Biden FaceTime each other. This is a question that a real journalist would never ask. It was clear that Saenz was more concerned with being Biden’s friend than doing her job as a reporter.

Saenz even asked Biden about “how grueling a campaign might be” on Joe Biden if he decides to run for president in 2024. Again, this is not a question that a real journalist would ask. It was obvious that Saenz was trying to do her part to help the Biden administration.

The mainstream media’s bias towards the Biden administration is an insult to the American people. It is time for the media to start holding the Biden administration accountable and stop treating them like they’re above criticism. We deserve to hear both sides of the story and make our own decisions, not be spoon fed Democrat Party propaganda.


The mainstream media is clearly in the pocket of the Biden administration and it is insulting to the American people. It is time for the media to start exercising some journalistic integrity and hold the Biden administration accountable for their actions. We should not be forced to accept the Democrat Party’s agenda and be subject to their propaganda. We need real reporting and real journalism to ensure that we make informed decisions.

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