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Dem Blasts Blinken For Biden’s Global Weakness

It’s been a few years since the Biden administration took office and their foreign policies have been intensely questioned by many. The United States has been especially threatened by countries like China, and it’s no secret our enemies are watching.

The Biden administration’s foreign policies have been especially weak in regards to the Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank. Despite warnings from the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ignored the terms of the agreement and continues to expand settlements. This has caused a recent cycle of violence in Israel, with increased raids by Israeli defense forces and more terror attacks by Palestinians against Jews.

Democratic Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen expressed his concern to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “This was a very official act by the Knesset, just days after the phone call between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Biden,” Van Hollen said. “It seems to me that we look very weak when we continually make statements without any kind of consequence.”

It’s nice to see a Democrat finally call out the Biden administration for how the US appears on the world state, however, China was not mentioned at all. While Van Hollen seemed more concerned with how weak the US looks to Isreal, China is the biggest threat to the US. Blinken was taken aback by the attack, which caught him off guard.

The Biden administration is not doing enough to protect the US. We need a president who will take a stand and show strength on the world stage. If the Biden administration doesn’t start making more effective decisions, our enemies will continue to threaten us and our allies. The US cannot be a superpower if we don’t have a leader who is willing to fight for our rights.

The Biden administration’s foreign policies have been a disappointment to many. We need a president who will put American safety first and make sure that our enemies are aware of our strength. We can’t afford to be weak on the world stage. 2024 can’t come soon enough.


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