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Dems Are Losing Their Minds, Judge Handed Trump A HUGE Victory

When it comes to stopping the former President Donald Trump from being a part of the 2024 election, court rulings are not in his opponents’ favor. This was seen again on Monday when a federal judge in Rhode Island threw out a lawsuit that intended to block Trump from appearing on the ballot.

In response to the decision, Trump’s campaign spokesman Steven Cheung commented, “President Trump remains undefeated in beating back these spurious claims. The American people have the unassailable right to vote for the candidate of their choosing at the ballot box, something the Democrats and their allies driving these cases clearly disagree with. President Trump believes the American voters, not the courts, should decide who wins next year’s elections and we urge a swift dismissal of all such remaining bogus ballot challenges.”

The decision was seen as a blow to the Democratic agenda which aimed to keep Trump off the ballot. It was also a victory for the Republican nuisance candidate who brought the lawsuit, as John Anthony Castro, a Texas lawyer was trying to use the court system to become president. U.S. District Judge John J. McConnell, an Obama appointee, determined that the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the New Hampshire case led Castro to lack the legal standing to challenge Trump’s ballot access.

When looking at this recent decision as well as the other of the month, it is plain to see that Trump is making this legal battle to gain access to the ballot box not only undefeated, but unwavering. Wherever Trump goes, he is reminding people that “American voters, not the courts, should decide who wins next year’s elections” as Cheung said. With the upcoming Supreme Court in Colorado finding that Trump engaged in an “insurrection” related to the Capitol incursion, the amount of backlash hitting the former president is not unnoticeable.

Trump’s strength as an individual political figure systematically contradicts the Democratic agenda which is what is causing them to fear that he could return to presidency.

Even with all the civil and criminal cases being brought against him from Democrats in New York, Georgia, Florida, and Washington D.C., Trump is still standing toe-to-toe and ready to take this fight to the ballot box. Demonstrated again in Rhode Island, Trump supporters still have the right to vote for the GOP candidate of their choice. The fear that Democrats have of Trump’s potential win and the conservative positions he stands for is just focus for this legal battle. In the end, it’s the American people who will decide what happens next.

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