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Even Dems Are Seeing Red After Biden’s Latest Stunt: ‘Threatens National Security’

The latest energy decision by President Joe Biden has sparked concern, even among some Democrats in Congress. On Monday, a bipartisan group of seven House Democrats joined Republicans in criticizing the administration’s pause on approving new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals. This decision, which is expected to last for over a year, has been met with opposition due to its potential negative impact on national security and the economy.

In a letter addressed to President Biden, the seven Democratic members of the Energy Export Caucus expressed their concerns about the LNG decision. They argued that changing the criteria for approving new LNG export projects could have dire consequences for the country. Furthermore, they added that strengthening U.S. LNG production and exportation would be a more effective way to address global climate goals, rather than halting the process altogether.

The Biden administration’s move has also drawn criticism from Republicans in Congress, who have introduced a bill that would effectively overturn the policy if passed. Their counterparts in the House are expected to introduce similar legislation in the near future, according to Reuters. However, when asked about their stance on the bill, several Senate Democrats representing states with significant natural gas production declined to provide a direct answer.

This week will see two hearings on the decision to pause approvals for LNG export terminals. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will examine the move on Tuesday, while the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s hearing is scheduled for Thursday. Both hearings are expected to address the concerns raised by legislators on both sides of the aisle, who are worried about the policy’s implications for national security and the economy.

On the other hand, environmentalist groups have applauded the Biden administration’s decision, seeing it as a victory for their cause. The White House shared statements from various environmental organizations in a January blog post, including Climate Defiance, a group known for its confrontational tactics against administration officials and elected Democrats. Despite the backlash from lawmakers, the Department of Energy and the White House have not responded to requests for comment at this time.

Biden administration’s pause on approving new LNG export terminals has been met with criticism, particularly from members of the Energy Export Caucus, including seven House Democrats. Republicans have already introduced legislation to overturn the policy, and hearings this week will address the concerns raised by legislators on both sides of the political spectrum. Meanwhile, environmentalist groups are celebrating the decision as a victory. The Department of Energy and the White House have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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  • I’d tell the WH to go you know where!! If I were a governor, I would build the largest LNG Port on the Gulf Coast with all of the protective measures necessary for storm protection!!!

  • Biden’s body has outlived his brain! What the hell is he thinking? Maybe he’s not thinking at all. We are so screwed.

  • Biden is having a snit about Texas telling him to pound salt over Immigration. He will destroy US to feed his senile actions. When will Democrats realize this and dump him? He will take them all down with him.

  • They need to change the caption in this letter in the upper left hand corner ! HONARABLE Joseph BIDEN ? Is that a joke he hasn’t had an honorable day in his life.

  • Joe did this to punish Texas Governor Abbott’s decision to fight off the foreign invasion despite Joes orders to the contrary. This issue goes far beyond environmental questions, it’s an issue of Them vs Us, them being the Marxist who have infiltrated nearly all parts of American culture.

  • biden is only partly to blame here. most goes on obama and all those dead people that put him in office, and oh yes, the live ninnies too.

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