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Fed-Up Americans Unite To Boot Soros-Backed DA Out Of Their City

Residents of Oakland, California are taking action to remove Soros-backed Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price from office as the city grapples with a surge in violent crime. A group called Save Alameda For Everyone (SAFE) has begun collecting signatures to place Price, whose 2022 campaign was financially supported by George Soros, on the 2024 ballot. The organization blames Price’s lenient approach to crime for the explosion of criminal activity in the Oakland area.

Brenda Grisham, a community advocate and organizer with SAFE, spoke out against Price’s administration, saying, “I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been in Oakland my whole life and I’ve never seen such a lack of care for the people in this community. I will stand up for these families, and if that means a recall, then I will advocate for it.”

Since Price took office in January, crime rates have skyrocketed. Burglaries have increased by 35%, while violent crimes have risen by 21%. These alarming numbers have forced some businesses to leave Oakland, and residents, like Carl Chan, are fearful of walking down the streets. Chan, who helped organize a business strike in protest of the city’s crime, described the current state of Oakland as “carjackings, businesses closing, all due to crime.”

In an effort to recall Price, SAFE must collect 73,000 signatures by March 2024. The group believes that Price’s policies on restorative justice have contributed to the city’s crime wave. Evelyn Gibbe, an Oakland resident who signed the petition, pointed to Price’s lenient approach as the root cause of the problem. She stated, “I’ve seen and experienced the crime wave in Oakland, and I believe it is directly related to the D.A. and her policies on restorative justice.”

When asked for comment, Price did not respond. However, it is clear that her policies and actions have come under harsh criticism from the residents of Oakland. Many believe that she is responsible for the surge in criminal activity and that her approach is enabling criminals rather than protecting the community. As one Oakland resident pointed out, “Businesses are closing, seniors are afraid to walk down the street, all because of crime. And who is responsible for this? The D.A. and her policies.”


It is clear that the citizens of Oakland have had enough. They are taking a stand against Soros, liberals, and criminals by calling for Price’s recall. If successful, this recall will send a strong message that the community will not tolerate politicians who prioritize the interests of criminals over the safety and well-being of their constituents. It is time to take back Oakland from those who seek to destroy it.

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  • Well, at least a few recognize their criminal activities but Calipornia is full of them. One dumped isn’t going to be enough to save the state.

  • What took them so long to figure this out ? Everywhere this guy connects the corruption begins. It should not require much brain power to understand what his money and political plants stand for. Maybe that is the problem…..lack of mental acuity in the general public.

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