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It’s NOT ‘Radical’, ‘More Popular Than I Am’: Biden Defends Budget Proposal

Joe Biden is at it again. The President recently took to the stage at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to defend his 2024 budget proposal, claiming it was “overwhelmingly popular” even though his own approval rating is at an abysmal 42%.

The proposed budget is nothing short of irresponsible and reckless. It calls for an end to oil and gas subsidies and proposes new taxes in an attempt to lower the deficit, despite the fact that inflation is already on the rise. The budget also funds sex change operations for veterans and mentions the word “equity” 63 times, a clear indication that the President is attempting to push his radical agenda.

It’s no wonder then that the President’s budget is anything but popular. It’s a sad attempt to expand the government’s power over citizens’ lives, leading to higher taxes, more regulations, and increased inflation. This is not what the American people need or want.

The GOP, on the other hand, is proposing fiscally responsible policies that will actually help citizens. These policies include tax cuts, reduced regulations and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which will help lower the cost of health care and make it more affordable for all Americans.

Biden- “There’s nothing radical about what I’m proposing…it’s a hell of a lot more popular than I am!” While Biden’s approval ratings are definitely trash, it’s a flat-out lie claiming that this plan is remotely ‘popular’ with voters.

It’s time for Joe Biden to stop trying to be more popular than he is and focus on creating a budget that is responsible and beneficial for all Americans. Until he takes these steps, his budget will remain a radical attempt to control the lives of citizens and increase the government’s power. Biden should take a page out of the GOP’s book and focus on policies that will actually help citizens, not hurt them.

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