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Kamala Harris Comments On Israel’s Mission Is A Slap In The Face To US Allies

After a dramatic Israeli operation that freed four hostages, Vice President Kamala Harris expressed sorrow for the “innocent” Palestinians who died. This statement came after a high-risk raid where Israeli forces faced heavy combat to rescue the hostages.

In her speech in Detroit on Saturday, Harris denounced the October 7 Hamas attack on Israeli civilians as a “brutal massacre” but also extended sympathy to those involved in the violence. She said, “And we mourn all of the innocent lives that have been lost in Gaza, including those tragically killed today,” referring to casualties from the rescue mission.

During her speech, Harris was interrupted by an anti-Israel protester who was subsequently removed. Harris responded, “I am speaking right now. I value and respect your voice, but I am speaking right now.” She emphasized the Biden administration’s Middle East goals, which include securing an agreement to “bring home all hostages, end the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people, and ensure that Palestinians can enjoy their right to self-determination, dignity, and freedom.”


The Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas and not distinguishing between combatants and civilians, claimed over 270 Palestinians were killed in the raid. In contrast, Israel reported fewer than 100 casualties.

Peter Lerner, a representative of the Israel Defense Forces, defended Israel’s actions on ABC’s “This Week.” He stated, “We need to keep in mind that all of our war efforts are crafted and designed about bringing back the hostages.” Lerner described the operation as a significant professional achievement and a morale boost for Israel, where people celebrated in Tel Aviv and outside hospitals where the hostages were treated.

Lerner acknowledged the civilian casualties but blamed Hamas’s tactics for these losses. “Every civilian life lost in this war is a tragedy. Every civilian life lost in this war is a result of how Hamas has operated,” he said. He emphasized that hostages were often held in civilian homes, highlighting Hamas’s disregard for civilian safety.

Detailing the rescue, Lerner explained that Israeli forces encountered intense resistance while rescuing hostages Noa Argamani, Almog Meir, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv. “The forces came under fire from a 360-degree threat: RPGs, AK-47s, explosive devices on the way, mortar rounds. It was and is a war zone,” he said, illustrating the perilous conditions created by Hamas’s tactics.

Lerner concluded by stressing the need to dismantle Hamas, stating, “Hamas has to go.” He criticized the group’s governance, arguing, “Hamas cannot be trusted with the powers of government because that is what they will do. They will build a terrorist army.” Lerner insisted that the conflict could end immediately if Hamas released the hostages, asking, “Is that too much to ask?”

These events underscore the stark contrast between the rhetoric of the Biden-Harris administration and the harsh realities on the ground.

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