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KJP Chokes, Doocy Tripped Her With Question About Anti-Israel Protesters: ‘Are They Extremists?’

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy grilled White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday, questioning whether President Joe Biden views pro-Palestine protesters as “extremists” and if he believes they are held to the same standard as Republicans.

Doocy pointed out the recent surge of anti-Israel protests across the country, some of which have included antisemitic slurs and symbols, and asked if the Biden administration considers these protesters to be extremists.

In response, Jean-Pierre stressed that there is no place for antisemitism in America and the administration has been clear in condemning all forms of hate. She also mentioned Biden’s actions against antisemitism and his stance on the issue since he decided to run for president.

Not satisfied with the answer, Doocy pressed further, noting that the administration often refers to “MAGA extremists” when discussing Republicans, and asked if the anti-Israel protesters on college campuses should be considered extremists as well.

Again, Jean-Pierre reiterated the administration’s stance against all forms of hate and emphasized that it should not be acceptable anywhere. She also mentioned Biden’s repeal of Trump’s travel ban on Muslim-majority countries as evidence of his condemnation of religious discrimination.

Doocy then asked if Biden sees the involvement of young people in these anti-Israel protests as a positive sign or a cause for concern. Jean-Pierre simply responded that there is no place for hate in America.

However, the reporter persisted and pushed Jean-Pierre to answer the question directly. Instead, Jean-Pierre repeated the same response, growing visibly frustrated with Doocy’s questioning.

Doocy’s line of questioning suggests that the Biden administration may be hypocritical in its condemnation of extremism, as it has often referred to Republicans as “MAGA extremists.” He also questioned whether the administration sees the involvement of young people in anti-Israel protests as a potential threat to the future of the country.

The recent surge of pro-Palestine protests on college campuses has caused concern among many, as these protests have often turned into displays of hate and intimidation towards Jewish students. Several college groups have expressed their support for Palestine and blamed Israel for the latest attack, leading to backlash from university leaders and faculty members.

This has sparked a debate on free speech and the limits of political expression on college campuses. Many have called on the Biden administration to address the issue and condemn the actions of the anti-Israel protesters, but Jean-Pierre’s vague responses and reluctance to directly address the question raised doubts on the administration’s stance.

Critics have also pointed out Jean-Pierre’s record of lying, as seen in her previous statements regarding Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and the ongoing border crisis. This has only added to the mistrust towards the administration and raised questions about their credibility on important issues.


It remains to be seen if the Biden administration will take a stronger stance against antisemitism and address the issue of hate and extremism in a more comprehensive manner. Only time will tell if they will live up to their promises and truly stand against all forms of hate in America. If I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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