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Major Magazine Really Just Promoted Satanic Abortions, Take A Look…

Satanism has been around for centuries, but only recently has it become synonymous with abortion. Cosmopolitan magazine recently published a profile on Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic, a telehealth practice in New Mexico run by an accredited clinical team that provides abortions up to the eleventh week of pregnancy.

The headquarters of this abortion clinic is located in the home state of The Satanic Temple, an organization of which its roughly 1.5 million global members view Satan more like a mascot, one depicted not as a dark, omniscient deity but as a literary character.

Just as the typical media does for anything related to The Satanic Temple, Cosmo was quick to note “that Satanists don’t actually worship the devil.” Despite this clarification, its depiction of the horrifyingly barbaric abortion rituals they performed were too much for many social media followers. One YouTuber, Ruslan KD, noted that it was “the most demonic thing I’ve ever seen.” The article outlines the recommended “optional ceremonial aspects of the Satanic abortion ritual”. The ritual leads up to the patient reciting “By my body, my blood; by my will, it is done.”

One Caesar in particular, 37-year-old “Jessica” (not her real name), was interviewed by the magazine to commemorate her experience with the “satanic abortion ritual.” Surrounded by her three children, she said it was “genius”, that the “overall messaging just clicked with her.”

It’s clear that the purpose ofCosmo’s report was to normalize and glorify the atrocity of ending a pregnancy in such an abhorrent way. What Cosmo fails to realize is that they are in no way establishing any form of “personhood” for the unborn baby with Satanic rituals and belittling affirmations. This entire narrative is obviously nothing more than self-centered and careless excuse-making for an action which can never be undone. Not only this, but they are touting rituals more associated with the occult and dark magic than with any form of genuine spirituality.


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Although it might be trendy to normalize evil actions through self-confirmation, what needs to be remembered is that life in the womb is precious. Every human starts their unique existence at the moment of conception, and no amount of occultism can prevent a fetus from having an eternal soul.

Sick, right?

Nobody should play a role in snuffing out the life of another, no matter what kind of alleged “empowerment” this is likely to have on them. If you are in an abortion predicament, it’s recommended that you seek out trustworthy medical advice from a professional who is compassionate to your unique situation, instead of embracing a religion that has no regard for your unborn baby life.

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