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Parents Unite To Sue Woke School District That Kept Them In The Dark

Parents across California are fed up with the Chico Unified School District, who is being sued for secretly counseling an 11-year-old to transition genders without notifying their parents.

The school’s current policy is based on guidance from the California Department of Education, which states that schools may only inform parents with prior written consent – except in extraordinary situations. That was not the case for Aurora Regino, mother of the now 12-year-old student in question, who filed a lawsuit last month alleging that her daughter’s school was helping her transition behind her back.

At the most recent Board of Education meeting, many shared Regino’s sentiment and spoke out against what they call “the Parental Secret Policy”.

Parents were adamant that they know what’s best for their children and that it is not the school’s right to keep families in the dark. Rep. Doug LaMalfa’s congressional district representative, Teri DuBose, weighed into this matter, claiming that the congressman “shares your outrage and demands accountability from Chico Unified School District…As a fellow parent, the congressman understands that it is our God-given duty to protect our children…”

Regino’s lawsuit argues that the school’s policy violates her “fundamental right” as a parent to direct the upbringing of her children as protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteen Amendment. It is a stark reminder of how far the liberal agenda will go when it comes to social matters and how they will manipulate our children into making life-changing decisions without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

This case should serve as a wake-up call for all of us to stand up against the liberal censorship and fight back against this type of child grooming. We must protect our children and ensure that their parents have the ultimate say in the decisions being made about their lives.


Parents should not have to worry about the school system making decisions for their children in matters of gender identity or any other sensitive issue. We need to start having open dialogue about this issue and make sure that it is not swept under the rug.

The future of our children is in our hands and it is up to us to make sure that they are not influenced by outside agenda’s that do not have their best interests at heart. Let’s start the conversation and put a stop to this type of liberal censorship!

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