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Report: Convicted Groomer Heard Screaming For Help For Weeks Before His Body Was Found

Neighbors in Norfolk, Nebraska were left shocked after the body of 29-year-old Zachariah Andrews was found stuck in a chimney of an apartment building. This discovery came weeks after multiple reports of screams for help were heard coming from the building.

According to local police, residents reported hearing screams for help on multiple occasions leading up to Andrews’ body being found. The investigation began after a maintenance worker noticed a foul odor coming from a chimney and saw a shoe inside. Upon further inspection, they discovered the body of Andrews trapped inside.

Police shared in a press release, “The resident reported that he heard a man yelling for help and that it appeared to be coming from the first floor. The officers also spoke with several other residents and no one else could confirm the screams.” This suggests that the screams were possibly from Andrews, calling out for help before his tragic death.

Andrews was last seen alive on September 15, and a missing persons report was filed on October 3. As more information came to light, authorities also issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of violating a protection order. It seems that Andrews may have been facing personal struggles prior to his disappearance.

According to the New York Post, Andrews had been trying to contact a woman who was the subject of a protection order for months before his disappearance. Despite warnings from friends and family to move on, he continued to pursue her. He even posted on Facebook, claiming police had taken his “love letters” and expressing his frustration with their relationship.

This is not the first time Andrews has faced legal troubles. In 2018, he was charged with attempting to meet a 12-year-old girl for a drink and making inappropriate remarks. He pleaded guilty to these charges and served time in jail.

In light of this event, the Norfolk community is left reeling and searching for answers. It is unclear at this time how Andrews ended up stuck in the chimney, but residents are raising questions about the apartment building’s maintenance and security.

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t find anything to explain how or why the man ended up stuck inside the chimney but knowing more details about his prior conviction where he attempted to groom a 12-year-old child doesn’t make me feel motivated to find out.

It’s just a bizarre case, with an even more bizarre ending, in my opinion.

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