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Speaker Johnson Destroys Biden With Massive List Of Joe’s Failures

In his first speech from the House floor as Speaker, Mike Johnson delivered a powerful message highlighting President Joe Biden’s detrimental actions that have severely weakened border security. Johnson’s list of 64 decisions made by the Biden administration that have harmed America’s border security included halting border wall construction, submitting legislation for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and lifting restrictions on immigration from terrorism-connected countries.

Additionally, Biden reversed Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, imposed a deportation moratorium and then greatly reduced deportations, and suspended agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras that were meant to deter illegal immigration.

In response to a question from a reporter about what more he can do to address the border crisis, Biden responded that he has “done all he can do” and is now calling on Congress to support his actions. However, Johnson made it clear in his speech that the current border catastrophe has been created by President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas themselves. Johnson stated that instead of accepting responsibility for their actions, Biden and his administration are attempting to shift the blame onto Congress.

Despite the ongoing crisis at the border, Johnson argued that if Biden truly wants to address the situation, he must demonstrate good faith by taking immediate actions to secure the border. Yet, Johnson believes that the president will not take any meaningful action to halt the open border. As a result of this lack of action, children are being removed from schools and veterans are being evicted from nursing homes to make room for illegal immigrants. Moreover, the surge of fentanyl and human trafficking at the border is leading to increased dangers for Americans.

Johnson urged his fellow colleagues to work together to force the administration to take action against the current border crisis. He highlighted that since Biden took office, there have been over 7 million encounters with individuals entering the country illegally at the southern border and an additional 1.8 million known illegal crossings.

Out of those apprehended, over 300 are on the terror watch list, raising concerns about how many potential terrorists may have entered undetected. Johnson highlighted the grave threat this poses to national security and implored his colleagues to take action to address the situation.

The speaker also referenced a letter he had received from former FBI officials expressing concern over the influx of military-age men from adversary nations and terrorist regimes attempting to cross the border. He emphasized that these individuals are not innocent families seeking refuge, but potentially dangerous individuals with malicious intentions. Johnson decried the Biden administration for allowing this situation to continue.


Johnson called on the Senate to pass the Secure the Border Act, passed by the House last spring, and made it clear that House Republicans will not settle for a deal that simply perpetuates more illegal immigration. He stated that their goal is to stop the flow of illegal immigration and protect America’s border security.

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  • Johnson talks big game and look at what he does. If is wasn’t for extreme pressure from conservatives he would go along with worthless McConnell and corrupt Schumer 100% of the time. I don’t trust him, his biblical worldview is to “offer the other cheek”.

  • Biden is a liar. Plain and simple has always been guilty of poor decision making and has never in his carreer been on the right side of a decision. He needs to be tried as the corrupt politician he is and jailed for the chaos his policies have created. He has been identified as the worst president in history. A dishonor well-deserved. If the Democrats has any pro-American intent, they would dump him now.

  • For this and his school loan scam Biden should be Impeached and then hung for Treason.
    We will be paying for his scams for decades.

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