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Travis Kelce Laughs at NFL Fans For Not Being Swifties: They’re ‘All Crazy, Every Last One of You’

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs has found himself at the center of the media whirlwind during the pregame coverage of Super Bowl LVIII. Much of the media attention surrounding the football star has centered around his girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift.

In a recent interview conducted by CBS Sports journalist Tracy Wolfson, Kelce took the opportunity to praise and thank Swift for attending his games. Kelce enthused, “That postgame celebration of the AFC Championship, the joy, the public display of affection with you and Taylor [Swift], the ‘I love you’s,’ Andy Reid pointing her out in the crowd…That was awesome.”

In fact, a montage was even played highlighting Swift’s past visits to Kelce’s games. Wolfson proceeded to ask Kelce, “What has it been like having Taylor alongside you for this journey?” However, some football fans were less than thrilled with all the focus on a pop star during a sports event. Wolfson asked Kelce, “What do you say to those cranky NFL fans that say it’s all a conspiracy theory?”

Kelce had a blunt response, “You’re all crazy, every last one of you, you’re crazy.” However, Wolfson’s question itself subtly made a statement about these supposed “cranky” NFL fans. By bringing up the term “conspiracy theory,” it insinuates that those who are critical of Swift’s constant appearances in NFL headlines are simply paranoid and unreasonable. This, of course, is unfair to the countless dedicated NFL fans who simply want the focus to be on football during a football event.

It’s true that some fans may believe that Swift’s appearances are part of a larger plot by the NFL to promote her and her potential endorsement of President Biden. However, it’s a bit of a stretch to label all NFL fans who are annoyed by this as conspiracy theorists. These fans simply want the media to focus on the sports event they are trying to enjoy.

Calling these fans “cranky” and “crazy” for their opinions on the matter shows a lack of understanding and respect for their perspective. These fans are not “cranky” simply for wanting football coverage to be about football, not pop stars. And they are not “crazy” for thinking this way. They are simply passionate about the sport they love and have the right to express their frustration with the media’s constant coverage of someone who has little to do with the game itself.

Look… I have stayed out of this drama because there have just been bigger issues out there but the level of disrespect here is at the very least, note-worthy.


Just because someone is not a fan of Taylor Swift or doesn’t want to see her face during a football game doesn’t make them “cranky” or “crazy.” It just makes them human, with their own unique perspectives and priorities. So let’s stop labeling and dismissing fans for having valid opinions and let’s focus on what is important – the game of football.

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  • So , who actually won the “Super Bowl”? I doubt Taylor Swift did. Just what is the significance of this person if she isn’t playing on the field?

  • Travis is smitten. I’m pretty sure he only thinks with his little head. Bet they are not still a couple when the season starts up again this year,

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