Uncertainty Remains as White House Doesn’t Confirm Biden’s Recent Medical Crisis

The news of a Parkinson’s disease specialist, Dr. Kevin Cannard, making multiple trips to the White House over the past year has raised eyebrows among many Americans. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has remained tight-lipped about whether these visits pertain to any health issues concerning President Joe Biden. This lack of transparency is causing alarm in the medical community, particularly after Biden’s less than stellar performance in the most recent debate.

The New York Times reports that Dr. Cannard, a renowned neurologist, has visited the presidential residence eight times since last summer. The timing of these visits coincides with his co-authorship of a research paper on treating early-stage Parkinson’s disease. When questioned about whether the specialist was treating the president, Jean-Pierre sidestepped the question, only referring to Biden’s annual health summary that mentions consultations with a neurologist. However, this vague response has done little to assuage public concern.

Jean-Pierre’s refusal to clarify the purpose of Dr. Cannard’s visits is disconcerting. It raises suspicions and prompts further questions about Biden’s health status. Her attempt to downplay the issue by stating that thousands of military personnel receive care from the White House medical unit does not explain why a Parkinson’s disease specialist would be required for multiple visits. Her justification for withholding information due to “security reasons” seems flimsy and does not excuse the lack of transparency.

The tense exchange between a reporter and Jean-Pierre only underscores this lack of transparency. Even when asked directly about Dr. Cannard, Jean-Pierre refrained from providing a definitive answer, citing privacy concerns. However, given that Dr. Cannard’s name is publicly listed on visitor logs, her refusal to confirm his involvement raises even more questions. Why is there an apparent attempt to conceal information about the specialist’s visits?

Even CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has voiced concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities and has called for detailed testing for cognitive and movement disorders. In a recent piece for CNN, he highlighted Biden’s occasionally confused speech and halting delivery, among other worrying behaviors. This sentiment is echoed by many other medical professionals who have observed the president’s recent actions.

The White House’s continued dismissal of these concerns and refusal to provide full transparency about Biden’s health is alarming. As each day passes, more questions and doubts are raised about the president’s cognitive abilities and overall health. While Biden has attributed his poor debate performance to a cold, jet lag, and overwork, these explanations do not address the underlying concerns about his health.


The evasive responses from both the White House and Jean-Pierre only add fuel to the fire of suspicion and raise further questions about Biden’s health. It is high time for the administration to address these concerns and provide the public with clear answers regarding the specialist’s visits. The American people have a right to know the truth about their president’s health and well-being.

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