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Watch: Brazen Criminal Attempts To Snatch Toddler Right Out Of Mom’s Arms In Broad Daylight

A peaceful stroll in a St. Louis neighborhood turned into a horrifying nightmare when a man attempted to rip an 11-month-old baby from his mother’s arms. The alarming incident, which was captured on a surveillance video from the Central West End neighborhood, has left the community in shock.

The footage shows a family of three crossing the street near a popular restaurant, with the mother carrying her small child and the father walking beside them. Suddenly, a man wearing a gray hoodie joins them and tries to snatch the baby from the mother’s arms. The mother instinctively clings onto her child while the father courageously fights off the attacker and chases him out of the frame. The suspect was later identified by the police as 19-year-old Anthony McGee.

The startling events that unfolded on Sunday didn’t just end with an attempt to snatch a baby. According to charging documents, McGee had allegedly attacked another woman with a glass bottle just moments before. Despite the efforts of bystanders to stop him, McGee managed to break free and went on to target an innocent child.

As if that wasn’t enough, McGee’s violent rampage continued as he allegedly assaulted an 82-year-old woman further down the street, leaving her with broken arms. Witnesses who saw the attacks unfold were quick to call 911, hoping to put an end to the assailant’s reckless behavior. One witness described seeing the elderly woman being held and restrained by a man, recounting the chaotic scene that unfolded.

Responding to the chaotic situation, the police were quick to arrive at the scene. However, this did not deter McGee who attempted to flee but was eventually apprehended and taken into custody. The police have classified his actions as “random attacks,” further highlighting the senselessness of the situation.

As a result of his actions, McGee now faces multiple charges, including kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, armed criminal action, resisting arrest, and several assault charges. His reckless and violent actions have not only caused physical harm but also left a community in shock and fear.

This disturbing incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that exist in our society, where innocent families can be targeted at random. It is a testament to the bravery and quick thinking of the parents, as well as the community members who intervened, that the situation did not escalate further.

In response to the incident, community members have expressed their shock and disbelief. One neighbor shared their thoughts, stating, “It’s terrifying. You think that you’re safe, and then seeing something like this happen in your own neighborhood…it’s just unbelievable.” This sentiment is shared by many in the community as they come to terms with the shocking events that unfolded on their doorstep.

The attempted snatching of a baby and the subsequent violent attacks in the St. Louis neighborhood have brought to light the unpredictable and dangerous nature of our society. A reality that we the people need politicians to take seriously. Lawmakers need to get off of their hands and protect the public, not the criminals.


It is a reminder to stay vigilant and look out for one another, as the safety of our communities depends on our collective actions.

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