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Watch: Clinton’s Cleaner Rushed On CNN To Defend Her Classified Docs

Former Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Andrew McCabe’s claims that Hillary Clinton lacked “intentionality” when it comes to her handling of classified material was incredibly defensive of her behavior. Even the Inspector General and FBI “were unable to cover any evidence of intentionality,” he said.

What Hillary Clinton did was wrong and should have never been allowed to be swept under the rug. Not only did she posses a private email server on her home in Chappaqua, set up during her time as the Secretary of State, but she had conversations involving 113 emails classified as top secret, 37 classified as secret, and 10 classified as confidential. Furthermore, these emails contained information that should have been kept confidential and not accessed by someone outside of the law enforcement system.

The FBI under the direction of James Comey attempted to keep the matter under wraps, allowing Clinton to go without punishment for her wrongdoing. This obvious show of preferential treatment left a bad taste in the mouths so many Americans. It is extremely concerning that government officials feel they are above the law when it comes to their reckless and criminal behavior.

Then President Donald Trump was indicted in June of 2021 after a raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate in relation to retaining records, including making false statements and “conspiracy to obstruct justice.” He also faced a reasonable amount of criticism from fellow Republicans, such as Governors Ron Desantis and Vivek Ramaswamy, Senator Tim Scott, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and Representative Steve Scalise.

With that being said, it is perplexing as to why the same level of anger is not being placed on Hillary Clinton for her irresponsible and negligent handling of classified information.


If Trump has to face the consequences for his wrong-doing, then Hillary Clinton should face the same. Government officials must be held to the same standards of justice they enforce on the American people.

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  • Well “OPPS There It Is” Told ya. 30,000 emails disappear? 30,000 emails bleached clean on her server? A server they refused to turn over to the FBI? A Tech guy set up her server and had no security clearance? It was set up in her home? And she signed a CONTRACT WITH THE US GOVERNMENT THAT SHE WOULD NOT USE ANT DEVICES OUTSIDE OF “SECURITY CLEARED?”
    Yeah ok nah she didnt “INTENTIONALLY” break the law, nor intentionally disregarded and or Broke her written and signed Contract with the US Government – NO: it was all an accident?

    • And the asshats that continue to go after Trump cannot understand why his approval ratings go UP everytime there is a new indictment. It is very obvious to the American people, except to the very obtuse and those in danger of losing their Washington privileges the injustice and double standards being applied.

    • Yeah and she accidentally bleached all the emails and destroyed the phones after they were subpoenaed, with no intentionality.

  • Just watching that CNN segment made me want to puke! These people are either totally clueless or they are shills paid by the cabal to spread this misinformation. What’s even worse is that there are actually people who believe their lies! And what is even worse than that is how the rest of “us” refuse to take matters into our own hands and seem to have chosen to just go down with the ship! Goodbye America!

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