Watch: Clueless WH Confesses Grim Truth About Hamas Hostages

National security advisor Jake Sullivan has revealed that the U.S. and Israel do not know how many hostages are “still alive” after the October 7th Hamas massacre. “We do not know the precise number of hostages. We know the number of missing, and that’s the number the Israelis have given, but we don’t know how many of those are still alive,”

Sullivan said in an interview on ABC’s ‘This Week’. He noted that the U.S. is focused on securing the release of the nine American citizens and one U.S. green card-holder believed to be in Hamas custody and confirmed he will meet with family members of the missing Americans later this week.

Meanwhile, the White House refuses to address the growing attacks here in the US against Jewish Americans.

When questioned about claims made by Hamas that Israeli airstrikes have killed a number of hostages taken on October 7th, Sullivan warned that no claims made by Hamas should be taken at face value and said the U.S. had no way to disprove or confirm the claim.

In the weeks following October 7th, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has launched thousands of airstrikes and artillery shells against northern Gaza, as well as begun a ground operation into Gaza City – the largest population center in the region. David Murray of Fox News commented on the surge in anti-Israel protests related to the conflict, describing it as “a demonstration of incredible ignorance”.

Gaza’s health ministry reported that Israeli strikes have killed over 11,000 Gazans since fighting began, though they failed to distinguish between terrorists and civilians. Sullivan has rejected the ministry’s data as untrue. The IDF believes the remaining hostages are likely being held in the complex tunnels beneath Gaza City, which Hamas has control of.


“This is a very complex situation,” Sullivan noted. “The United States is doing everything it can to try to secure the release of those Americans who are being held and the other hostages as well.” He added that the U.S. will continue to work closely with Israel and the international community to bring a speedy resolution to the conflict.

Here in the states, and across the globe, ant-semitism efforts amp up as misinformed people come out against Israel. PM Netanyahu reported that strikes made by IDF in Gaza have been strategically based on intel that shows Hamas is using civilians as human shields.

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  • I would think, that if you are being attacked by 7th century savages, you would fight to the death or, at least, save the last bullet for yourself. To be taken captive is almost certain severe torture before gruesome death inflicted by the subhuman monsters who call themselves Humas.

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