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Watch: House in Chaos: MTG Tries to Oust Speaker Johnson, Booed on Floor By ‘Uni-Party’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia faced backlash on the House floor Wednesday as she attempted to force a vote to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from power. Greene had been outspoken in her criticism of Johnson since March, due to deals he had made with Democrats that she believed went against the interests of the American people. She introduced a resolution to vacate the office of speaker, but was met with boos from both Democrats and Republicans alike.

The Hill reported that Greene’s resolution caused uproar on the floor as she declared, “The form of the resolution is as follows, declaring the office of speaker of the House of Representatives to be vacant.” However, the chorus of boos and jeers did not deter Greene, who continued to argue that the current speaker was part of the “uniparty” that was not working for the American people.

Despite her efforts, Greene’s motion was ultimately shot down, with a 359-43 vote against it. The majority of House Democrats and Republicans voted against the resolution, further cementing Speaker Johnson’s position. This rejection was likely a blow to Greene, who had been confidently calling for Johnson’s removal due to his support for foreign wars and governments, while ignoring the crisis at the southern border.

On Tuesday, Greene spoke to reporters and suggested that a private conversation she had with Johnson the day before was leaked by his office. She reiterated her demands of the speaker, which included putting the interests of Americans first and refusing to support any more military aid to Ukraine. Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky also expressed support for Greene’s efforts, stating that he would give Speaker Johnson some time to meet their demands, but that the clock was ticking.

In an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, Massie said, “If his plan is to drag this out so that the pressure comes off of this, and to drag it out for weeks or days even without making some movement in our direction, then he would just be far better off to have this vote and get it behind him.” Massie emphasized that dragging out the situation would not be beneficial for either the speaker or the House Republicans, and that he had communicated this to Johnson.

Greene’s efforts to remove Speaker Johnson from the position of House Speaker were ultimately unsuccessful. Despite her determination and support from some Republican colleagues, Johnson was able to retain his position with the help of House Democrats and most Republicans.

This clash highlights the divide within the Republican party, with some members pushing for stronger, more conservative policies, while others prioritize maintaining a united front. Only time will tell if Greene and her allies will continue to challenge Johnson and push for change within the party.

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