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Watch: Israel’s IDF Released Shocking New Gaza Footage

The shocking new footage and images released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of a Hamas terrorist launching an RPG at them is evidence of the alarming behavior of the terror group. On Sunday, November 12, an incident erupted at the entrance of Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City that left twenty-one individuals dead.

According to IDF spokesman, Daniel Hagar, two terrorists had attempted to conceal themselves among a group of innocent civilians in order to launch their attack on the IDF forces. “During an operation by the 188th TDF, an RPG and an anti-tank missile were fired at an IDF force from the entrance to Al-Quds hospital in Gaza city,” he reported on Monday.

Hagar also revealed that “the shooting was carried out by a terrorist squad that had assimilated into a group of civilians at the entrance to the hospital.”

Clearly, this attack was premeditated and executed maliciously. The violence used by the Hamas terrorist squad inflicted a hefty loss on those in the area with twenty-one members killed in their attempt to target the Israeli soldiers. To protect themselves, the IDF used live fire and shell fire towards the areas from which the attack was coming, as revealed by Hagar in this statement:

“The force fired at the terrorists. During the exchange of fire, civilians were seen leaving the hospital building, and other terrorists who came out of buildings in the area assimilated into them, and joined the attempted attack.

The forces of the brigade combat team, which included armor, engineering, infantry forces and with the assistance of the air force, responded with live fire and shell fire toward the sources of the [attack]. In the incident, about 21 terrorists were killed. There were no casualties to our forces.”

This incident highlights the lengths that groups like Hamas will go to when it comes to promoting their violent agenda, and it is an incredibly uncomfortable reminder of the growing danger facing the world today. Not only are innocent civilians, like those in Al-Quds hospital, at risk of mortal danger, but so are the brave men and women in the IDF who risk their lives to protect their country and its citizens from further attacks.

It is an unfathomably difficult situation, but one that must be addressed by the international community in order to stamp out the scourge of terrorism and ensure that innocent lives are not lost in its wake.

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