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“We don’t Need Congress To Secure Our Border, This is All on the Biden Administration” Flores says

In another not so shocking move by the Biden Administration, they have pointed the finger at House Speaker Mike Johnson, basically saying, ‘no you!’

Johnson recently took a jab at President Biden’s endorsement of negotiations, stating that the Democratic administration’s policies and executive actions that are to blame for the border crisis, no the law as it stands.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded by saying, “If Speaker Johnson continues to believe – as President Biden and Republicans and Democrats in Congress do – that we have an imperative to act immediately on the border, he should give this administration the authority and funding we’re requesting to secure the border.”

Johnson spokesman Raj Shah hit back saying, “But make no mistake, President Biden pledged on Friday to ‘shut down the border.’ However, with the stroke of a pen, he could begin by restoring Remain in Mexico, ending catch and release, reforming asylum, and parole standards. His refusal places our national sovereignty at stake.”

Johnson said in response, “President Biden falsely claimed yesterday he needs Congress to pass a new law to allow him to close the southern border, but he knows that is untrue.”

“As my letter stated, President Biden can begin to secure the border by ending catch-and-release, ceasing exploitation of parole authority, reinstating the Remain in Mexico program, expanding the use of expedited removal authority, and renewing construction of the border wall,”

“The President must start by using the broad legal authority he already possesses to reclaim our nation’s sovereignty and end the mass release of illegal aliens into our country,” Johnson added.

I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly feel a lot better if the current administration would stop pointing fingers like a toddler and start, hmm I don’t know, actually doing something? Maybe that’s just me though, let me know if I’m not alone in this!


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  • biden gave all the money, plus more away, to ukraine. one of the most corrupt places in the world, next to d.c. there were sections of the wall ready to pt up, but they were sold for scrap, from what i heard. so the blame is on biden, not trump or anyone but him.

  • The responsibility of securing the borders belongs squarely on the POTUS shoulders and is in his Oath of Office ( which obviously he either disregarded or has forgotten). It is laid out in the Constitution so its not something that is new for sure.

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