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Federal Jury Convicts Five for Supporting Terrorism and Establishing Fortified Compound with Ammunition to “Face the Nation”

Federal Jury Convicts Five for Supporting Terrorism and Establishing Fortified Compound with Ammunition to “Face the Nation”

In a shocking turn of events, a federal jury in New Mexico has convicted five individuals of various charges, including supporting and conspiring to support terrorists, as well as conspiracy to murder a U.S. officer or employee. The defendants, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, his sisters Hujrah and Subhanah, Subhanah’s husband Lucas Morton, and Jany Leveille, were also found guilty of fatal kidnapping and conspiring to commit the same.

According to the Department of Justice, Siraj and his co-defendants kidnapped his three-year-old son from his wife in Alabama and brought him to New Mexico under false pretenses. Leveille, who had convinced the group that the child was hers and was possessed by demons, played a significant role in the establishment of a fortified base and firing range, arming themselves with firearms and ammunition, and training to “face the nation,” wage jihad, and become martyrs.

Tragically, the young boy, who was severely disabled, died shortly after arriving at the compound due to neglect and lack of proper medical care, as the defendants were busy performing exorcisms on him. The group held the belief that the child would resurrect as Jesus Christ, and they would use him to judge and take down U.S. government institutions.

During a raid, officers discovered the remains of the child in an underground tunnel and arrested Siraj without incident. However, 11 other children were found at the compound, who were reportedly malnourished and living in squalid conditions. Leveille, who hailed from Haiti, was the leader of the group, and Siraj was her partner.

Prosecutors described the defendants’ actions as a “sick end-of-times scheme” and argued that they had unique beliefs that drove them down a dangerous path. However, Siraj maintained that the government had portrayed him as a monster and rejected the accusations against him.


Leveille has reached a plea agreement, and she faces up to 17 years in prison, while the rest of the defendants could receive a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, according to the DOJ.

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  • TEXAS and NEW MEXICO and the rest of the country have turned a blind eye to the terrorists. Obama is king is that it? Because since he took office terrorism is at an all time high and little is being done to counter it.
    back in 207 there were 20 Terror training camps of islamics in TEXAS that the FBI was watching? Watching them get stronger and doing Chiddt nothing about it? Its terrorists training in our country and the FBI and CIA allowed it? Thanks Obama

    • This is what happens when a person who vows to “fundamentally transform America” is elected to the highest office in the country. Obama, Biden and their conspirators should all be in prison for crimes against our country. If drastic measures are not taken soon this country is doomed. We can’t wait for the next election because it will be too late. There are already terrorist cells here, thanks to Biden’s open border, just waiting for the order to attack. Wake up America!

    • Obama is a Hate America Muslim and “friends” of Iran and other Terrorist Entities! He IS Biden’s Puppet Master! The Democrat Party is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Republic. They have created Crisis after Crisis, Hoax after Hoax and Lie after Lie! We can Blame Biden, Obama and many others for letting Terrorists, Cartel Gang Bangers, Disease Ridden Vermin and Fentanyl into Our Country. There is No Such Thing as a Good Democrat. We had a Revolution and a Civil War. History Tends to Repeat Itself!

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