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US Crime: Police Respond to Antisemitic Home Invasion, Crook Screams ‘Free Palestine’

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a Jewish family in Studio City, California was faced with a terrifying and violent intrusion into their home. According to Fox11 Los Angeles, a man allegedly smashed through their back door and began shouting death threats at the family, solely based on their nationality.

The family, who were understandably shaken by the incident, locked themselves into a room and waited for help to arrive. The suspect, who was armed with a kitchen knife, was eventually apprehended by police and taken into custody. KTLA5 reported that as he was being transported, the suspect yelled “free Palestine” and “brown people matter” from the back of the squad car.

Thankfully, the family did not suffer any physical injuries, but the emotional trauma of being targeted in their own home is undoubtedly significant. The Los Angeles Police Department has assured local Jewish communities that this appears to be an isolated incident, but the investigation into the hate crime is ongoing.

This horrific attack is just one of many recent incidents that have been fueled by antisemitic sentiments in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. Pro-Hamas protests have been occurring across the nation in recent weeks, including a demonstration inside a government building and a sit-in by protesters who chained themselves to a prominent politician’s office.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event. According to police records, antisemitic attacks in Los Angeles have increased by nearly 37% since the beginning of the year. This is a frightening trend that needs to be addressed and stopped.


In the face of such blatant hate, the LAPD has assured the public that they are taking this incident seriously and are actively investigating. As Fox11 reported, they stated, “We stand with our Jewish community and remind everyone that hate has no place in our city.” It is heartening to see the police taking a strong stance against these acts of hatred and standing alongside the Jewish community.

I put this on all of the deranged antisemitism suddenly deemed acceptable because Democrats are publically decreeing their bias. These hate crimes are being fueled and condoned by the media and war-hungry politicians.

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  • Just goes to show you how Insane Islamic followers are!!! Tell me, does anyone know of or have heard of any Jewish Terrorist groups?! Crickets!!!

  • It is too bad the Jewish family didn’t have guns since they feared for their lives. They could have gotten rid of those scumbags.

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