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Gutfeld On A Warpath, Slams Dems ‘Greenlighting’ Targeting Jews: ‘‘How Did You Expect This Was Gonna Go?’’

It’s becoming all too clear that Democrats and liberals have given a “green light” to an increase of violence and destruction targeted at Jews. Fox host Greg Gutfeld was outraged on Tuesday’s “The Five,” asking liberals “how did you expect this was gonna go?” when they’re the ones “endorsing this over and over again.”

Gutfeld called out Democrats for not policing the “malignancy” of their younger peers, instead letting them shut down speech, push for censorship, and employ the race card. They’ve also been blindly justifying “all sorts of crimes in the name of social justice” and now “they’re redefining Jews—not as victims of atrocities, but genociders themselves.”

“They kept saying there are millions of extremist MAGA-heads out there. But meanwhile, within their ranks, a racist ideology has grown,” Gutfeld continued. “They’re all wearing masks. Now they’re putting targets on Jews, right? So now you’re seeing liberal Jews going, ‘holy crap, I thought these were my allies.’”

Recent protests outside of Washington DC’s White House were a further testament to the hateful rhetoric and destructive actions endorsed by Democrats and liberals. Chants of “Allahu Akbar” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” rang loud as protesters defaced statues and wrapped Palestinian flags amidst red handprints around the Benjamin Franklin statue. Many of those protesting were progressive youths, proving Gutfeld’s point that “what you’re seeing is what happens when adults leave the room.”

The White House, on the other hand, has “decided to focus on the manufactured narrative of white supremacy for the last three years.” However, Gutfeld asked a valid question “hatred towards the West, hatred towards experience, hatred towards achievement, even hatred towards success, and hatred towards beauty. Is it any coincidence that activists deface art?”


Ultimately, this is the result of “liberals coddling a monster” and now, according to Gutfeld, “they’re dealing [with] it.” He concluded by asking “What’s left to hate?” and “How did you expect this was gonna go? More peaceful or more violent?” Democrats and liberals have to answer that question and by the looks of it, they have a lot of work to do.

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