Leaked Insider Report Reveals Big Tech’s Role In Censorship Attack, 20x Worse Of Patriots

Recent evidence revealed by Ohio Republican Jim Jordan is a shocking testament to the campaign the Federal government has launched to suppress conservatives and their rights to freedom of speech in the lead-up to the 2020 election. To bring this to light, he posted the damning evidence online which prevents the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency had conducted a “weaponization of the Federal Government” alongside Stanford University to target conservatives and muzzle dissent.

By releasing this evidence and explaining how exactly the “Election Integrity Partnership” worked, Jordan has highlighted the blatant contradictions to our nation’s founding principles and core values. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to all citizens, regardless of political beliefs, and this federal censorship effort flies in the face of that principle. Even more troubling, this terrible power grab was almost exclusively focused on conservatives.

The released files contain a “pods” list, which explains the federal government’s different angles to attack conservatives. Of the seven “pods”, only one was “left-wing”. The other six – “Conspiracy”, “Right Wing”, “Minorities Communities”, “Foreign Influence”, “Wellness Parenting/Religious Group”, and “General Ant-Vaccination”- represents the federal government’s disproportionate focus on the right.

Jordan says that the “Election Integrity Partnership” was created to coordinate with tech comapnies to pressure them into censorship. Unfortunately, our very own news source was affected by this assault on free speech, with Jordan quoting at least 25 reports that the federal government attempted to censor. it’s true that the fight for free speech is a longstanding battle, but for the federal government to weaponize the government apparatus to target citizens based on their political sentiments is downright wrong and unconstitutional.

As Rep. Jordan said, “The records that I released reveal that the Stanford University EIP program — which was fully guided and controlled by DHS and CISA — classified things they felt were ‘violations’.” This targeting of the right and suppressing of free and political speech has been rampant long before the 2020 election and will almost certainly continue into the future.

Upstanding citizens must be willing to confront the federal government to protect their basic inalienable rights. If democracy is to survive, then the only solution is for the Judiciary branch and Congress to assert their power to limit these overreaching federal attacks on free speech.

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