MSNBC Host Surprised by Parkinson’s Specialist’s Live Diagnosis of Biden

Dr. Tom Pitts, Neurologist, Delivers On-Air Diagnosis of President Biden

In a recent MSNBC interview that left both viewers and the host stunned, neurologist Dr. Tom Pitts, who specializes in Parkinson’s disease, gave an unexpected on-air diagnosis of President Joe Biden. Originally intended to discuss general neurological health, the segment quickly veered into a sharp critique of Biden’s cognitive abilities, igniting a political controversy.

Despite identifying as a Democrat himself, Dr. Pitts did not mince words in his analysis of the President’s health. He outlined what he believes are unmistakable signs of neurodegeneration in Biden, including difficulty finding words, stiffness, a monotone voice, and reduced arm swing – all classic symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

This shocking revelation follows a New York Times report that a Parkinson’s specialist has been discreetly visiting the White House for the past eight months, further fueling speculation about the President’s health.

Throughout the interview, MSNBC host Tom Llamas tried to steer the conversation in other directions, suggesting alternative explanations for Biden’s behavior such as his known lifelong struggle with stuttering. However, Dr. Pitts was resolute in his assessment. He emphasized that the symptoms he observed – like en bloc turning, hypophonia (a soft, monotone voice), and bradykinesia (slow movement) – go beyond mere speech issues and indicate a more serious decline.

“Loss of arm swing, standing upward robotically… these are hallmarks of Parkinson’s,”

Dr. Pitts explained. He described the President’s movements as slow and rigid and added humorously about his ability to recognize such symptoms from afar:

“I could have diagnosed him from across the mall.”

Llamas was visibly taken aback by this candid analysis and shifted the discussion towards how the Democratic Party is handling Biden’s alleged condition. Dr. Pitts voiced deep frustration with his own party, accusing them of dishonesty and negligence. He expressed his disappointment with a poignant statement:

“My own party had four years to find… one person that could take the place, and here we are the day before school trying to do the homework and replace a guy who’s got a neurodegenerative disease.”

The aftermath of this segment has been swift and intense. The White House has kept silent on the matter, citing security and privacy concerns. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a storm of questions during a recent briefing and was visibly overwhelmed by the aggressive questioning. She firmly refused to confirm or deny the visits by the Parkinson’s specialist, insisting that it was a matter of national security.

Jean-Pierre’s emotional response underscored the pressure the administration is currently under.

“To say that I’m holding information or allude to anything else is not unfair,”

she defended, upholding the White House’s commitment to privacy while also acknowledging the public’s right to information.

This incident brings to light the intense scrutiny faced by public figures, especially those in positions of significant responsibility. It also raises important questions about transparency and the ethical implications of publicly discussing a political leader’s medical condition.


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  • The Left believed its own lies and now is shocked by the truth. There is a saying that “none are so blind as those who will not see.” Also, the Left has a problem with admitting when they are wrong, no matter what.

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