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NY Judge Who Shoved Cop and Wore No Shirt Loses Bench [Video]

In New York, a state Supreme Court judge who was previously censured after a viral shirtless meltdown and scuffle with police officers in 2020 will soon be replaced on the bench. Acting judge Mark Grisanti, a former state senator, was not included in the 25 judicial nominees chosen by Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to fill vacancies on the bench. This decision comes after a ruling by the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct that recommended Grisanti’s censure for not only his altercation with police, but also for presiding over cases involving an attorney to whom he had a financial connection.

According to a news release by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the incident involving Grisanti began on June 22, 2020, when he called 911 to report a neighbor’s car parked near his driveway. Before the police arrived, Grisanti and his wife began angrily confronting their neighbors, using profanity and getting into a physical altercation. Two police officers who arrived on the scene captured the events on body cameras.

The footage showed one officer attempting to handcuff Grisanti’s wife, which led to the judge shoving the officer and threatening him, saying, “you arrest my f****** wife … you’re going to be sorry,” and name-dropping high-ranking police officials, including the mayor of the city. Grisanti was placed in a squad car but was never charged with a crime.

The ruling by the Commission on Judicial Conduct also highlighted Grisanti’s involvement in eight cases with an attorney, Matthew Lazroe, to whom he had sold his private law firm before being appointed to the bench in 2015. The judge received a down payment of $15,000 for the sale and monthly payments of $730 thereafter. The commission deemed this arrangement to be a conflict of interest and a violation of judicial ethics.

Until his replacement is confirmed, Grisanti will continue to serve as a judge. However, his term will end soon and he will vacate his position on the bench. The decision to not include him among the 25 judicial nominees was not communicated to Grisanti, but the absence of his name on the list speaks for itself.


Acting judge Mark Grisanti’s tenure on the bench has been marked by controversy and ethical violations. The recent ruling by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, recommending his censure, has ultimately led to his exclusion from the list of judicial nominees. While he will continue to serve for now, his replacement will soon be confirmed and Grisanti will no longer hold the power of a judge.

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