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WATCH: Fauci’s Furious Fiasco: Dems Demand Woman be Kicked Out of Hearing

The political climate was heated on Monday as a House hearing convened to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of the Trump and Biden administrations. Emotions ran high as both spectators and members of Congress clashed over the government’s handling of the crisis.

One woman in the audience repeatedly interrupted Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia of California as he questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci, the face of the COVID-19 response. Capitol police were eventually called to remove her from the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic hearing. Her outburst was met with a sharp retort from Garcia, who told her to “take your Starbucks with you.”

During his opening statement, panel chair and Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Ohio criticized Fauci’s leadership and handling of the pandemic. He accused the government of adopting a single narrative and shaming those who questioned policies such as social distancing, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates.

“Americans were aggressively bullied, shamed and silenced for merely questioning or debating issues, such as social distancing, masks, vaccines, or the origins of COVID,” Wenstrup stated, according to his website. “Under your leadership, the United States health agencies adopted specific policy aims as a single dogmatic truth, without the benefit of debate.”

Wenstrup also took issue with Fauci’s assertion that disagreeing with him was equivalent to disagreeing with science. He argued that science is not owned by any one person and that hypotheses should be tested and proven with facts, not blindly adhered to.

Fauci’s actions as the highest-paid government official in the pandemic response also came under fire. Wenstrup criticized the vaccine mandates and other stringent measures, saying they were forced upon the American people without sufficient scientific support. He also pointed out that Fauci’s position of power allowed for dissenting opinions to be censored on social media and mainstream news outlets.


“Americans do not hate science. But Americans know hypocrisy when they see it,” Wenstrup said, calling out Fauci for becoming too powerful and stifling debate and dissent. “Americans do not want to be indoctrinated. They do want to be educated. And they prefer to make their health decisions in conjunction with the doctor that they know and trust.”

The heated hearing and Wenstrup’s scathing remarks are just the latest in a long line of criticisms against Fauci’s handling of the pandemic. Many Americans feel that their voices and concerns have been silenced under Fauci’s leadership and that their rights have been infringed upon. The partisan divide on the issue only adds fuel to the fire, making it difficult for real progress to be made in addressing the ongoing global crisis.

Fauci’s approach to the pandemic response has been divisive rather than unifying. Americans deserve to be heard and to have their concerns and opinions considered, rather than being bullied and shamed into submission. As Wenstrup concluded in his statement, “This is why so many Americans were so angry—because this was fundamentally un-American.” It is time for a new approach that prioritizes open and honest dialogue and respects the rights and freedoms of all Americans.

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