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Watch: GOP Rep Slams Fauci Over Comments on Forced Vaccination: “Shame on You!

Rep. Rich McCormick, a Georgia congressman and practicing emergency room physician, stood up to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the retired director of the National Institutes for Health, in Monday’s House subcommittee on COVID. As a doctor on the frontlines of the pandemic, McCormick has seen the effects of Fauci’s decisions play out in flesh and blood, not just in statistics and computer models. He opened by saying that it has been portrayed as if only politicians, bloggers, and conspiracy theorists are the only ones disagreeing with Fauci, but he is the only congressman who actually treated patients throughout the entire pandemic and saw firsthand the consequences of Fauci’s actions.

McCormick shared that in 2020, he was censored and even had his medical license threatened because he dared to disagree with the bureaucratic doctors like Fauci. As someone who has spent years studying and treating patients, he was outraged that his opinions were being dismissed and labeled as “anti-science.” He recounted the times when public health officials and politicians would tell his patients what treatment options were best for them, disregarding their individual medical histories. McCormick’s experiences were ignored and dismissed by so-called healthcare experts who had never even treated a single patient during the pandemic.

He then played a recording from an interview with Fauci, where he stated that institutions should make it difficult for people who refuse to take the COVID vaccine. Fauci stated that mandatory vaccinations are not feasible, but companies, schools, and universities should make it difficult for people who do not get vaccinated.


He also mentioned that when people feel like their rights are being taken away, they will give in and get vaccinated. McCormick pressed Fauci on his belief that all objections to vaccinations are “ideological bulls***,” and challenged him on how he has made life hard for people who have chosen not to get the vaccine.

McCormick brought up the case of Allison Williams, who was fired from her job despite her doctor’s recommendation not to get the vaccine due to undergoing fertility treatment and being young. Her employer followed Fauci’s advice and made it difficult for her to work unless she got vaccinated. McCormick expressed his outrage and told Fauci that he should be ashamed of himself for limiting people’s ability to work, travel, and get an education unless they get vaccinated. He accused Fauci of taking away people’s rights and self-determination and urged America to see the harm Fauci’s actions have caused.


Fauci tried to backtrack and claim that he did not mean it in that way, but McCormick was not having it. He stood firm in his beliefs and condemned Fauci’s actions, which have affected the lives of countless Americans. As a healthcare professional, McCormick knows the importance of informed consent and individual rights in medical decision-making.

He believes that forcing vaccinations and restricting people’s rights goes against everything America stands for and that Fauci should be held accountable for his actions.

I couldn’t agree more…

McCormick’s words were a powerful condemnation of the dangerous precedent that Fauci is setting by forcing vaccinations on people. The American people should take note and stand with McCormick in denouncing Fauci and his actions. As McCormick said, “Shame on you, Dr. Fauci.”

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