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Psaki Mocks Americans Against Woke Ideologies

As a former Biden White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki has shown her true colors as an apologist for the Democratic Party. In the inaugural episode of MSNBC’s Inside With Jen Psaki, Psaki decided to take a cheap shot at conservatives for their criticism of the left’s woke ideology, in particular, author and commentator Bethany Mandel.

In a recent interview, Mandel had a brief brain freeze when asked to define wokeness. Psaki then proceeded to lecture her and the GOP, stating, “Just two cents from someone who has worked a few years in communications. If you can’t explain it, and people don’t understand it in 15 seconds, it may not be the winning message you think it is.”

It is easy to see why Psaki’s show is such a dismal failure. Instead of engaging in meaningful debate on the issues, she would rather mock and belittle conservatives. This is not only unprofessional, it is a disservice to the American people. We deserve to have politicians and journalists who are willing to engage in meaningful dialogue and debate on the issues, not those who resort to name-calling and ridicule.

The left’s woke ideology is a direct attack on our nation’s core values and traditions. The only way to defeat it is through meaningful dialogue and debate, not through mockery and insults. Until Psaki and her allies can learn to respect their opponents, they will continue to be seen as nothing more than political tools for the Democratic Party.

The Biden administration’s embrace of the woke movement is a direct affront to our nation’s core values and traditions. It is an attack on individual liberty, free speech, and the rule of law. It seeks to silence dissent and bully those who dare to challenge the progressive orthodoxy.


We must reject the woke ideology and its proponents. We need to push back against the Biden administration’s attempts to impose this dangerous ideology on the American people. We must stand up for our core values and traditions and fight for a more equitable and just future.

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