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Watch: Cartel Breaking Out Into Massive Firefight At Border Town

Reports have been circulating on social media, shared by former U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement field office director John Fabbricatore, of a major firefight erupting between Mexican cartels and the military near the U.S. border. Fabbricatore, who is also a board member of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement and a candidate for Congress from Colorado’s Sixth District, shared photos of the violence, which have been reposted by Arizona Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake.

In one of her posts, Lake states, “Dangerous times – Biden has emboldened the cartels.” This escalation in violence highlights the dire situation at the border and the consequences of the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

The reported battle is said to have taken place just south of the Lukeville Port of Entry in Arizona, near the Mexican town of Sonoyta. According to sources, Sonoyta has been the site of ongoing clashes between rival cartels vying for control of migrant movements in the area. These conflicts have become so severe that the U.S. Port of Entry was forced to close in December due to the violence. This is just one example of the escalating tensions and violence at the border.

Rancher Jim Chilton, whose property is located about 40 miles southeast of Lukeville, has also been caught in the crosshairs of the border crisis. In an interview with Fox News, Chilton expressed his concerns about the influx of migrants and the potential threat of terrorists infiltrating the country.

He shared a chilling experience where his wife encountered armed MS-13 gang members when she was alone on their ranch. Chilton believes that cartels are using the mass migration of migrants as a diversion tactic to distract border patrol from their illegal activities, such as drug trafficking and potentially bringing in terrorists.

Chilton’s fears are not unfounded, as just last month, the Mexican military discovered 10 improvised explosive devices at the border. This further adds to the growing concerns about the security of the U.S.-Mexico border. Yet, instead of addressing these pressing issues, the Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye and downplay the severity of the situation. This has not gone unnoticed by those living in border towns, like Chilton, who are directly impacted by the crisis.

While the federal government and certain sanctuary cities push for open borders and unrestricted migration, the impact is felt by ordinary citizens and families like the Chiltons who are facing the brunt of the violence and insecurity. As Chilton stated, “We have cartel scouts on our mountains,” and it is clear that these criminal organizations are operating with impunity, often with the support and protection of corrupt officials on the other side of the border.

In the face of this chaos and danger, it is evident that the Biden administration’s immigration policies are not working. The situation at the border continues to deteriorate, and it is the American people who are paying the price. Governor Abbott of Texas has taken action to address the crisis, but instead of offering support or solutions, the Biden administration has criticized and opposed his efforts.

As the border crisis intensifies, it is clear that strong and decisive actions are needed, not empty promises and political posturing. The safety and security of our country and its citizens must be a top priority, and it is time for the federal government to take meaningful action before it’s too late.

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