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Lame Stream Loser, Demands Israel Surrenders, Despite Hamas [Video]

The host of ‘Amanpour & Co.’ pushed for Israel to surrender to the two-state solution despite the presence of terrorist group Hamas and its recent attacks in the Gaza Strip. She interviewed several guests who all shared the same sentiment, including retired head of Shin Bet and known proponent of negotiations, Ami Ayalon. Amanpour also brought in British parliamentary member Alicia Kearns who shared the same pro-Palestinian outlook and pushed for Israel’s acceptance of a Palestinian state.

Ayalon firmly believed that negotiations for a two-state solution were necessary in order to defeat Hamas. He argued that without a framework for two separate states, Hamas would continue to grow in power and pose a threat to both Palestinians and Israelis.

He also mentioned that discussions about the right of return and border issues must take place to ensure the safety and security of Israel. However, these concerns were not acknowledged by Amanpour.

The next guest, British MP Alicia Kearns, also pushed for a two-state solution and criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for his resistance to the idea. She believed that recognizing a Palestinian state would help make the two-state solution an irreversible process. Amanpour expressed her interest in how this solution seems to be gaining traction among different global leaders and even some Israelis who are not in the government, like Ayalon.

Amanpour and Kearns then discussed the scandal within the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), where many members participated in the recent attack by Hamas. Kearns was hesitant to address the issue, and instead tried to separate the bad actions of some UNRWA members from the good work the organization does in the region.


Amanpour and her guests all pushed and prodded Israel to accept a two-state solution, even in the midst of ongoing attacks by terrorist group Hamas. They ignored the concerns of border-drawing and monitoring of militant groups, and focused solely on the idea that a political resolution and separation of states would bring safety and security to both Palestinians and Israelis.

The conversation also addressed the scandal within the UNRWA, but failed to recognize the possible connection and impact of their actions on the ongoing conflict.

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  • Is Amanpour really that stupid or does she hate Israel. A two state solution can never work as long as one parties stated goal is to wipe the other party off the face of the earth. It can’t and won’t work until Palestinians accept the existence of Israel.

  • And this is surprising because ? One thing Amanapour will never be accused of being is self-effacing. Her self promoting arrogance of intellectual superiority is nothing but cover for her actual pseudo intellect. Nothing more than a lemming with the purported herd mentality.

  • Palestine was located in the Sinai Penisula which is now part of Egypt. Egypt lost the Sinai after the 1967 Israel-Egypt/Arab war, which the Arabs lost! This land was returned to Egypt through the Treaty of 1982.
    If anyone should return or give the Palestinians land for a state, it should be Egypt!! Egypt occupies the former Palestine homeland, not Israel!!!

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