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Hypocritical Kimmel Claims Conservatives Will Ban Narnia, Restaurant Menus

Liberal TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently aired a skit on his show that poked fun at conservative efforts to limit certain books in schools. In the skit, former television host LeVar Burton talks to a group of children about why some books are being challenged by conservatives. While the skit may seem harmless and entertaining, it actually highlights the hypocrisy of mocking Christian values.

Burton begins by discussing the recent controversy over some Dr. Seuss books being removed from circulation due to racist content. But while he voices his support for this action, he then goes on to mock conservative efforts to regulate the books that appear in school libraries. This kind of double standard is not only unfair, but it also perpetuates harmful stereotypes about conservatives.

Throughout the skit, Burton dismisses sincere concerns about overly sexualized content in children’s books and equates them with those who oppose stories with talking animals. He even goes as far as to say that Charlotte’s Web should be banned because “talking pigs are disrespectful to God.” This kind of mockery shows a complete lack of understanding and respect for Christian beliefs.

Burton also brings up books featuring LGBTQ+ themes and characters, suggesting that conservatives would have a problem with them. While there may be some individuals who do, it is not fair or accurate to paint all conservatives with the same brush. Mocking Christians for their beliefs and traditional values only serves to further alienate and divide our society.

In the skit, Burton and the children go on a “field trip” to a school board meeting where a caricature of a conservative mother is ranting about the books. This portrayal of Christians as close-minded and irrational is not only offensive, but it also ignores the fact that many parents have legitimate concerns about what their children are exposed to in school.

Finally, Burton concludes the skit by attempting to make a point about the absurdity of banning books by joking about reading from a menu. However, this only serves to reinforce the idea that concerns about explicit or inappropriate content in books are unfounded and can be dismissed with humor. In reality, many parents and conservatives are legitimately concerned about the influence of certain books on young minds.

While Kimmel’s skit may have been meant to entertain, it ultimately perpetuates harmful stereotypes and minimizes the valid concerns of many parents and conservatives.


Mocking Christian values and beliefs only serves to further polarize our society and hinder productive discussions about censorship and appropriate content for children. Respectful and open-minded dialogue is the only way to bridge the gap and promote understanding between different viewpoints.

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  • that is just too much truth about liberal minds and how they don’t work right. to them, bad is good and good is bad.

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