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Watch: Press Sets Biden On FIRE During Rare Q and A- They Ripped Him A New One!

One prominent journalist opens the floor to questions, but it is almost immediately clear that President Joe Biden is not prepared to handle tough inquiries. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy immediately cuts to the chase, questioning Biden on the recent Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on classified documents found in Biden’s garage. The President’s fading mental capabilities have been brought into question, and Hur has even suggested that this could pose a problem for any potential jury in an indictment.

Rather than address these concerns head-on, Biden lashes out at Doocy and other journalists, while simultaneously making multiple mental errors that only serve to add credence to the argument of his cognitive decline. Going against protocol, Biden allowed Doocy the first question, which went as follows: “President Biden, according to the Special Counsel’s report, one of the reasons you were not indicted was because you are a ‘well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.’ How bad is your memory, and can you continue as President?” Biden’s response shows his defensive and agitated demeanor, as he shouts, “My memory is fine! Take a look at what I’ve done since becoming president! None of you thought I could pass any of the things I got passed.”


This trend continues as other reporters, such as ABC’s MaryAlice Park and CNN’s MJ Lee, follow up with questions about his memory and age. However, Biden’s anger and frustration only seem to grow with each inquiry. At one point, he even mistakenly refers to the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, as the leader of Mexico. This blunder only adds to the mounting evidence that Biden’s cognitive abilities are diminishing.

Throughout the press conference, Biden’s outbursts and inability to address the concerns about his memory only serve to fuel speculations about his suitability as President. When asked about his age, Biden responds with resentment, claiming that it is only the judgment of some of the press and not the American people. MJ Lee continues to press him, asking why he believes he is the best candidate to finish the job, and Biden snaps, firing back, “I’m the most qualified person in this country to be president!”

One of the most egregious moments of the press conference comes when Biden addresses the mention of his late son Beau in the special counsel’s report. With evident frustration, he exclaims, “How in the hell dare he raise that?” Instead of simply stating the date of his son’s passing, Biden chooses to attack the author of the report and makes it clear that he believes the information is none of the public’s business.

Overall, the president’s performance in this press conference does more harm than good. His short temper, defensive attitude, and mental fumbles only serve to further fuel concerns about his mental acuity. Rather than putting these speculations to rest, Biden’s behavior only adds to the mounting evidence that he may not be fit to lead the country.

With more and more questions being raised about his ability to fulfill his duties as president, it’s clear that this issue will not go away anytime soon. Americans deserve a leader who is mentally sharp and capable, not one whose memory and cognitive abilities are rapidly deteriorating.

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