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WATCH: Fiery Speech on the Senate Floor: Senator Vance Condemns Biden’s ‘Banana Republic’

Republican Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio made fiery comments on the Senate floor on Wednesday, likening the Biden administration to a “banana republic” and lambasting the political weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Vance has been at the forefront of rejecting the nominations of DOJ officials since June, citing the administration’s use of the department to target their political rival.

“We are living in a banana republic where the President is using his Department of Justice to go after his chief political rival,” Vance declared, referring to President Biden and former President Trump. He went further to criticize the Biden administration’s border policies for fueling the fentanyl crisis in the country, which, according to Vance, puts citizens at risk.

Vance’s adamant stance against the nominations stems from his belief that the DOJ prioritizes political agendas over enforcing the law. In June, he stated that Trump was a victim of the department’s political persecution, and his actions against the nominations is a way of holding the administration accountable. “If Merrick Garland wants to use these officials to harass Joe Biden’s political opponents, we will grind his department to a halt,” Vance proclaimed on his website.

He further shed light on the double standard in the DOJ’s prosecutions, stating that while Trump and his family are being targeted, other more significant criminals roam free. “This unprecedented double standard, selectively prosecuting Donald Trump, leaving him and his family completely untouched, is a reason why the Department of Justice’s public confidence has completely collapsed,” Vance stated.

The Senator believes that this moment in time, where the leader of the opposition is being prosecuted by the President and the DOJ, has led to the department’s loss of public confidence. Additionally, he noted that the DOJ has also targeted other individuals, such as pro-life activists, for their political beliefs.

Vance affirmed that his actions in rejecting the nominations were extraordinary but necessary in this prevailing political climate. “What’s more extraordinary is this moment in time, where the leader of the opposition is being prosecuted by the President and the Department of Justice, again, and again, and again,” he asserted.


The Senator’s criticism of the Biden administration and the DOJ’s weaponization has received support from many who believe that the department should prioritize enforcing the law over political agendas. In contrast, others argue that Vance’s actions are just a way of hindering the President’s administration.

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  • Glad to see some republicans finally stand up to the weaponization of our governmental agencies by the Biden/democrat party. Vance and Tuberville are two senators working to save our country from the evil that has overrun it.

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