Watch: Jason Aldean Won’t Back Down In First-Ever Interview Since Controversial Song

Jason Aldean, the country star, has once again faced questions from the legacy media about his hit song “Try That in a Small Town.” The left-leaning media seems adamant on twisting the song’s message into a racist issue, no matter what Aldean says. CBS Mornings host Jan Crawford confronted Aldean on Wednesday about the song, which appears on his upcoming album “Highway Desperado.” The song discusses the rising casual, random, and brutal violence in America, especially in liberal-run cities that prioritize criminals’ rights over innocent victims.

Crawford introduced the interview by stating that critics believe the song and its music video contain “racial undertones and threats of violence.” She then posed the question to Aldean, asking for his reaction to these accusations. Aldean appeared puzzled and asked Crawford how the song could be considered racist. The host went on to claim that the video was seen as “threatening” and “a call to arms in small towns,” even on platforms like TikTok.

Aldean pointed out that the video included people of all colors, and there was no specific focus on any race. However, it did feature a clip of Black Lives Matter protests, which has since been removed due to copyright concerns. The country star stated that anyone who saw the video as singling out a particular group was not looking hard enough. He also mentioned that the video was intended to highlight the lawlessness, disrespect for law enforcement, and destruction happening in cities across America.

Crawford continued to push the issue, mentioning that the video was filmed at the Murray County Courthouse, where a lynching of a black teenager took place in 1927. Aldean responded that he had no idea about the lynching and had not chosen the location because of it. He also stated that he does not research the history of a place before filming a video. Additionally, Aldean lives in the South, where such acts of racism occurred frequently in the past. He added that it would be challenging to find a government building that hasn’t had some sort of racial issue occur on its premises.

The host asked Aldean if he would shoot the video at the courthouse again, to which he responded that knowing what he knows now, he probably would not. However, he also acknowledged that every part of the country has a dark history, and it was not his intention to disrespect anyone. Aldean stressed that the video aimed to shed light on the rising violence and crime rates in cities and the lack of respect for law and order.


The liberal media once again has attempted to twist a country song’s message into a racist issue. Even though Aldean repeatedly clarified that the song was not intended to be racist, the journalists seemed determined to paint it that way. This incident is yet another example of the media’s attempt to push a liberal agenda and criticize anything that goes against their narrative.

Aldean’s song is a call to action for communities to come together and reject the lawlessness and violence prevalent across many American cities. Instead of twisting its message and accusing the artist of racism, we should focus on the issue at hand and work towards finding solutions to make our communities safer. As Aldean said, “I’m just not cool with that,” and neither should anyone else be.

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  • They did the same thing to Toby Keith when he wrote the song ” Born In The USA” after 911. He was to supposed to appear on a TV show [I forgot which one{ because the song said “you’ll get a boot in your ASS”.. Don’t mess withe USA. God bless!

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